Narrow, nimble, and fast.

1978 xs650, started out as complete bike which in the end i only used the motor and rear wheel. I built the pipes, bars, motormounts, electrical box, fender, shaved the fork lowers and alot of other odds and ends.. Ricky Reyes from the Anchor motorcycle shop built the footpegs and sissy bar. Frame was found off ebay, seller had no idea who built it, however it is a full rigid frame.


This bike started out as a basket case chopper that was digger style in non running condition, after major motor problems and a very poorly raked out neck, i got rid of everything and started out with a new roller, a stock 1978 xs650 that i was told was running however has wiring issues do  to the fact the previous owner was color blind..motor spun good and felt like good compression so i took it home.. I built the bike from the ground up first finding the rigid frame and going from there, i built the motor mounts, shaved the for lowers and built the battery box.
I built the battery box to look like an older style oil bag and to close up some of the open space in the rear end. When i purchased the frame it had no numbers and the guy who was selling it new nothing about it,it took alittle machining on the stem to get the bearing to sit at the right height on the stem. From the very beginning i wanted to do a 60’s style frisco chopper..Narrow, nimble, and fast. Throughout the build i met my good friend Ricky Reyes from Anchor Motorcycles, he helped me with the mid controls, painted the frame black with flake, and built the sissy bar. The headlight is an old Aris knock off triangle which i got from my mom as a christmas present, ironically she hates motorcycles..I came across the invader at a swap and picked it up at a fair price, when i was building this bike i hadnt seen many other running an invader on the xs650s..
I started this bike probably about 2.5 years ago and it has changed about 4 times, mostly just tanks, seats, bars..the tank is just a sportster tank with crazy panels and flake painted by Chris from chicago. He does killer paint at a real reasonable price…i also added the pamco electronic ignition for reliability.. the bike as it sits is pretty much done for now, i have a few other project going then im coming back to make some changes.. I really appreciate you using my bike as a feature, so i dont have better detailed pics, i would get some but is it zero degrees in kansas city right now and snowy…
Your website rules and i check it out daily..
Thanks alot jonny.