Edgar – Hi. . . Its Me Again Edgar  from 14KustoMotorcycles, And this time I bring to all of you my first Board-tracker . . . The base is of course a yamaha XS 650 Mod. 78, and the frame is made by me. The front suspension is from a kawa 440 mod. 78 with a rake angle of 46 degrees and  I made a new front hub to admit the 36 spokes, the upper section of the frame is made in stainless steel and it works like the tank. Only five liters of gas can be stored, the front light is made from a old vw golf  fog light. I strip it out and made the case of the new light to combine with the tank, the handlebars are from a virago special.

Both rims are 21 inches with double purpose tires the rear one has an adaptation to receive the sprocket (32 teeth), the seat is made in leather and sew by hand (by me of course), the kickstarter has a old bicycle pedal, the plate holder, the intake manifold of the carburetor (2 in 1) and the complete exhaust system (2 inches) is made in stainless steel.

All the supports of the motor, foot pegs arms and the base of the seat are cut by laser in stainless steel and of course drawn by me in the computer. . . so you can see, I have been working a lot on this motorcycle. . . and I am happy with the result.

I am making Custom motorcycles in San Luis Potosi Mexico,when is my own project I use it for a year and then, when I am sure that the bike is working fine from everything, I sell it.  e-mail is

A question: What would you say is a good price for this bike. . I will accept offers, it is for sale. ; ) I hope you like my work on this Board-Tracker.

What do u think about it. . . . let me know.

Edgar Echevarria