Write about your XS650.:           This is a custom built Yamaha XS 650.
The bike is built around a 1971 XS-1 frame.
Everythig was completely tore down to the bare frame, and several modifications were done then it all got powder coated matte black.

The bikes powder comes from a 1979 650 motor which has been upgraded with an electronic ignition system, solid state regulator/rectifier, and high out-put coil. The side cases have been drilled, and powder coated.The carbs have been re-jetted to accomidate the additional air flow from the velocity tubes, and free flowing exhaust system.
The chrome exhaust system is all new as are the chrome reverse cone mufflers. The bike sounds SWEET!!

I have fitted a 1961 Ducatti 250 tank on the bike, and I think the lines of the tank are just great, and gives it a very distinct look.
The original XS-1 wheels (19″ front & 18″rear) have been bead blasted & powder coated. New bearings installed, and new Challenger tires installed.
The ball bearing steering head bearings have been replaced with tapered bearings, and new bronze bushing have been installed in the custom built under-braced swing-arm.
All cables, and brake shoes are new units.

New high tensile gold link chain has been installed.
New after market BSA style shocks were installed.
The leather solo seat is a LePera brand Bates style seat with raised piping.
This bike has a custom headlight assembly originally from a 1961 SEARS ALLSTATE & has been upgraded with a high intesity halogen bulb.
The bars are also from the ALLSTATE. I liked the style of thier design so I incorporated them into the bike.
The speedo/tach units are housed in twin chain-wheels from the aircraft industry, and I just liked the way they looked so I designed & built mounts for them, and used them for the instrument housings.
The bike has a much simplified wiring scheme that utilize just a single fuse for the entire system. It is simple, effective, and out-of-sight as that the wiring runs through the frame.

The bike is currently for sale for $3,500.00

If interested you can contact me via phone or e-mail.
(425) 823-4374