Pulling the trigger

I had been scouring the internet for months before finally pulling the trigger on this project, i had never “built” a bike before even though i have been riding motorcycles since i was 4 years old (now 38), i had built up some other cool little projects from scratch like a Radio Flyer wagon with a 3.5hp B&S engine, indipendant front suspension, rear swing axle, fat shifter cart wheels, and also i built a Bar Stool Racer with a 6.5hp electric start honda clone engine, so it was only fitting to up it a notch and dive into a chopper that i have always wanted.


This started out as a clapped out 1980 xs650 with 27k + miles on it, i purchased a XS TC Bros hardtail section and welded that up, removed all the unwanted brackets and tabs, fabed up a hidden seat hinge and shock mount, made from scratch the grips, pegs, peg mounts and rear brake lever and used a GSXR rear brake master cylinder, fabed up a one off battery tray/hold down that is rubber mounted.


Add a after market sporty tank that is also rubber mounted with a re-fabed rear mount, and also machined and soldered in the bungs for the fuel sight tube, nothing has been done to the motor except for the black paint and new hardware, also i machined up some axle adjuster blocks, the frame, wheels and faux oil bag(houses all of the electronics) were the only parts i had powder coated everything ellse is rattle can, and the pinstriping i did myself with my little decal cutting machine. That all i can think of for now hope you guys and gals like it. i sure do.

Thanks for checking it out.