My First Build, EVER.

noid-2013-06-23_19.31.58-1 2014

Rowland Marshall – So I had been holding out for a Harley since I was 14. I had come close a few times but something always got in the way, so finally my buddy said I could ride his XS650 if we got it running. I started doing some homework and fell in love with what some of you were doing with these bikes so I figured what the hell. And here it is.

noid-2013-06-23_19.32.10-2 2014 noid-Parts_Bike_Day1_Pic3-3 2014


  1. Rod Freeman says:

    Beautiful. I would love this bike. Those pipes … I bet it’s so loud your teeth would fall out.

    Great work!


  2. moebuster says:

    man that looks good.good job.

  3. Robd says:

    Nice bike! What seat is that?

  4. RH Marshall says:

    Its a Lapera seat.

  5. RH Marshall says:

    Not too loud, sounds down right mild compared to my buddies shovel.
    Pipes were a kit from TC Bros, buddy and I cut and welded them ourselves.

  6. Oldschoolpaulie says:


  7. Great Dane says:

    Good Design and Wrenchin !
    Log in Allotta Miles on it – Shiny Side Up
    With the Right Compression Ratio n Baffle Back Pressure,

    They All Sound Purdy

    Great Dane @
    Indian Creek Ranch
    So. California High Desert

  8. specialknine says:

    Nice first build. LOOKS COOL

  9. tammy says:

    I like how the battery is mounted,what did you use?

  10. Rowland says:


    I used a piece of all thread, cut in two and a piece of scrap metal. measured and cut the metal to fit across the top of the battery and drilled two holes in it. We then drilled two more holes in the bottom plate to match and fed the all thread up through the holes in the bottom plate and through the top bar. We also used some adhesive foam padding under the battery to dampen some of the vibration.

  11. El Gaucho says:

    The first one is always gonna have a place in your heart. You’ll build more, then you’ll build another one like the first, but with a few tweaks you throw in to make it the one you’ll keep for life. Awesome first build!

  12. justin says:

    hi i have a 1982 yamaha xs650 heritage special i recently removed the harness for the bike cuz it was completly shot so i bought the complete pamcopete ignition kit for the bike with the advanced rod kit i was wondering how would i install the kit n wire it up do i need to install a battery for the kit to work ?

  13. Grumpy says:

    I like it! Great looking Bike…. It would look good (my opinion Only) with a rear white wall tyre.

  14. abel says:

    be sure that you disconnect the regulator/rectifyer or it will smoke mine seems to run better and start easier with a battery

  15. justin says:

    all im worried about is just getting spark on the motor so i bought that kit but dunno how 2 wire it up

  16. William A. says:

    Nice build bro…Simple and clean…
    Specially for a first time effort.