Free handlebars – Contest sponsored by lowbrow

leave a comment or send in pic –

win a set of handlebars

Here’s another Contest sponsored by lowbrow with two chances to win a set of 7/8″ Keystones or 1 pair of 7/8″ Friscos handlebars.

Two separate ways to enter.  Two ways to win. All you have to do to enter is:

1. leave a comment on any post on the site!

2. Send in pictures and info on your xs650 using the site’s submission form.

Each winner will get to pick from 1 pair of 7/8″ Keystones or 1 pair of 7/8″ Friscos, winner’s choice of black or chrome.

Pretty simple. All you have to do is leave a comment or send in some pictures and your e-mail address will be automatically entered to win. Commenting “sweet bike” won’t cut it though – you need to write at least a sentence to qualify.

We will randomly draw 2 winners (one from the comments and one from xs650 pic submissions) and shoot them an e-mail on- 3/1/2012 

Randomly draw 2 winners on 3/5/2012..

Lowbrow will ship you your choice of:
Keystone Handlebars – 7/8″ –
Window Handlebars – 7/8″ –

That sell for $89

Anyone in the world can enter as long as lowbrow can legally ship to you. To leave a comment you don’t have to login, you just have to leave your e-mail address and pick a username.

Thanks again to Tyler at lowbrow..



  1. Jangus says:

    Love lowbrow and my 650 could use a set of handle bars

  2. eric zielinski says:

    Not sure how to send pics yet… Im not as smart as my smart phone but I’m building a 78 xs 650 that I bought to teach my ex wife to ride… After she left I couldnt find my self before I met her I built a royal enfield and I found the bike in the back of my moms garage and thought actually about scrapping but I took it to my shop and stripped it down and decided I needed the therapy. Had some beers and smokes listening to tunes stripped it to the frame purchased a brat kit from mike put some 883 iron shocks on it and lowered the front… Id like to cut the pipes off and run open but not sure yet… Any how’s I still have the stock bars and pretty much everything has been altered by me but the bars… Can you help me out

  3. Hunter Hameister says:

    Roses are gay, violets are gayer, screw this poem let listen to Slayer!
    Now give me my handlebars!

  4. Doodlebob says:

    I think got the golden ticket

  5. VoodooTimm says:

    man I’d love a set of keystones for my bike. I seriously need a new set of bars too.

  6. TSinOK says:

    I need Those Friscos.

  7. Griz says:

    Well, I posted up a couple photos and a description of what I’ve done with her so far but haven’t seen them on here yet. Hoping it shows up. Home-built ’78 XS650 Special with about $800 into it so far. Will be finished for under $1000. All fabrication and welding done by myself and my Dad. I TIG and MIG. Parts from Lowbrow and TC Bros and swap-meets and myself. Paint/powdercoat by my wife.

    Basically, I’d like to have the bars because it’ll help my budget stay low and the bars on her right now are from a XR400 dirtbike that really need to be replaced. I didn’t want to post up anything until she was finished but your give-away convinced me otherwise.


  8. ghostshadow says:

    This is fantastic! I have actually been wanting and looking at the keystones for quite some time. To me they are one of the coolest pairs of bars on the market. I just love the straight angles. I’m not a fan of drag bars and I’m not a huge fan of apes either. I don’t like reaching for a banana when I’m riding my bike.

    The keystones are the right ones for me because they are low enough of a profile to be comfortable with my long arms and tall body. Plus they look badass too!!!

  9. Jake says:

    Love the site and all the bikes on it.My style or not as long as they get rode.

  10. Neil says:

    I love these contest, that’s two sites I frequent now that have these contest. Go U.S.A.

  11. Steve says:

    I like lowbrow, brown is my cow, I would like those handle bars now!

  12. more says:

    Those bars can easily travel to canada , thank’s lowbrow!!!!

  13. Tala Crossley says:

    This site has me addicted! I’ve had bikes since I was kid and have spent some time racing through the CMRA here in Calgary AB, the track has since closed so on to a new hobby. I picked up a 1980 XS650 about a month ago and have been stipping it down, to this point I got a few parts form TC Bros, Mikes XS and this weekend will be welding on Brat Kit from Visual Impact. I called LowBrow a few weeks ago asking if they had any 7/8 Biltwell Keystones laying around from years ago, the guys were great and searched everywhere as they have recently moved buildings. They didn’t find any but said Biltwell had somthing in the works and TA-DA! I already ordered a pair and got notification they are on the way so I don’t need them. I do want to ask the guys at LowBrow where I can get a Blue metal flake seat and blue metal flake grips?
    Shiny side up, awesome site!

  14. Joshua says:

    I just got on to get my daily XS650 fix and what do you know you are giving some bars away. The kicker its I’m being transfered to San Fran!!!!
    Oh and by the way I NEED A NEW SET OF BARS!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thaddeaus says:

    I have been looking for some good bars for months now but am forced to wait for a super deal since money is tight. This would be a major blessing. Fired the bike up the other day, guess I will post the video.

  16. Harvey says:

    Starting my first motorcycle build. All I have is a 1974 XS650 motor. Building bike from the ground up. Nice project to due since getting out of the military. I was forced into retirement due to injuries in Afghanistan. Got tired of setting around bored so have been taking motorcycle classes at a local community college. This bike project is part of my class so I am excited about the build. Have done research on the Lowbrow company and found that you provide great products for the motorcycle community. A set of handlebars would be a great addition to my project. Thanks for the chance to enter the contest and any tidbits or knowledge you would like to pass along would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank You
    Harvey Paige, SSgt US Army Ret.

  17. El Gaucho says:

    I’ve already got two bikes on here, Wabi Sabi, and Unsprung Hero. My next XS build will be starting shortly. Would be sweet to get a set of bars from LOWBROW!

  18. Boomer says:

    I need these two for my XS.

  19. Denis (fong bros) says:

    It’s a sweet bike. That’s a sentence. Friscos please.

  20. Mike says:

    I’ve seriously been in love with the black friscos for the longest time! i’m about to order a bunch of parts for my xs today so i can be ready for spring! But i just had my 3rd kid so i’ve been doing side jobs to get money for my bike fund. So if i won those friscos man…it’d be the icing on the cake! Thank you and lowbrow for doing cool stuff like this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. mike lytle says:

    heh! what can i say………..I like um!!!

  22. davethewrench says:

    Cool contest, but I never win anything, stuck with the same old bars, at least in in the wind….good luck everyone !!!!

  23. Griz says:

    Clicked on the

    “2. Send in pictures and info on your xs650 using the site’s submission form.”

    and added 2 pics and filled out the form for this contest, but I can’t find it anywhere. Any help? I covered my butt by posting comment #7 after not being able to find my first post.


  24. Matt Scrivens says:

    Wow , pretty cool, as i have been wanting a new set of handlebars for my ride, as I bent my old ones.

  25. Phill Kenoyer says:

    I’m a new biker and I’m building my first bike. It’s turning out pretty sweet.

  26. Morgan says:

    We would all be lost without Lowbrow.

  27. PlugHead says:

    Been coming to this site for over a year and a half to get ideas and inspiration for my bike, maybe winning these Lowbrow bars would give me the kick in the ass to get started.

  28. Phattony says:

    Lowbrow was my go to place for my Triumph project and will also be my XS chopper parts source as well. These bars will be sweet whether I win them or buy them.

  29. Clark Van Nipples says:

    I won these the last time, so the whole world can kiss my ass! The best chrome on the whole project.

  30. john (black betty) says:

    totally love this site. i look forward everyday to checking the pics and videos that are posted. sent some pics of one of our bikes, but haven’t seen them posted yet. LOWBROW is the best. i’ve used a lot of their parts on bikes.

    one of my favorite bikes i’ve seen on here is the “drifter xs” by vintage customs. very nice work.

    keep em’ coming.

  31. Ted says:

    @ Griz – If you sent in pictures and got a confirmation e-mail your bike will be posted. Bikes are posted in the order they are received so It can take a couple days before you see your XS. If you got a confirmation e-mail don’t worry about it.

  32. Rexxis says:

    My build is starting to really come together but I’ve got no bars or risers. Those keystones would look great on my bike. Sign me up!!!

  33. Ted says:

    Here are the random winner for the handlebar contest.

    1 . Beginner’s Luck – Kent, you do have beginners luck!!

    2. @ Slither302 – You are the random winner for the leave a comment contest..

    Both of you have been e-mailed with info on how to get your handlebar’s shipped..


  34. Ted says:

    If you sent in pictures of your bike and don’t see them yet they will be posted (If you got a confirmation e-mail).

    If you sent in pictures you were included in the contest drawing.

    Thanks again to Tyler at lowbrow..

  35. McLeod says:

    I could really use some free handlebars. I’m building my very first XS650 hard tail. It’s a 78 and it was bought in pieces. The main bearing went out, and so the guy tore the whole engine apart and then never put it back together. I bought it cheap, and want to make my first hard tail, but I’ll need all the help I can get as I am on a tight budget. Free handlebars would do the trick!


  36. hec says:

    ive got a 76 hatdtailed xs which i searched the world for and finnally got my hands on. due to the lil one on the way the project has slowed.down. somethings come 1st. ive been tryin to fab everything i can but those.keystones..would.deff b a nice addition to my lil red riddig hood. soon