LITTLE RED RIDING HO – MCW’s Racings latest bike

Ryan Benson – Just wanted to give a update of whats going on at MCW. Built this little bob in the past couple weeks. It’s got MCW’s hard-tail, bars, hi-pipes, mid-controls, and seat pan. Also she has got a DNA springer, 80spoke Harley wheels, DNA caliper, wassel tank and……. please just see the pics.

For any questions on a build for yourself. Check us out on facebook at- MCW Racing – to keep up with our latest builds.

Thanks for looking,

MCW Racing
Ryan at 908-475-1094


  1. Guy says:


  2. mike lytle says:

    tricky way to do the frame so you could run that funky aircleaner!! thanks for sharing

  3. pratstyle says:

    i saw and heard this bike run yesterday… fired up on the First kick… sounds great and those seat pans are comfy just the way they are.. one is on my build .. keep up the great work MCW.. also its running the Boyer ignition …again .. great build .. keep em coming

  4. Geezerman says:

    Wow, sweet !!

  5. nick says:

    Very nice work

  6. mookie says:

    colored engine parts, at least to my humble eye “novice-ises” a bike.
    it always reminds me of a pretty woman with too much make-up!

    nice pipes and cans
    neat brake line holders
    + air filter

    i guess i’m too skinny (and old) to get the desire for a seat with no padding…

  7. usp222 says:

    Niccceeee! What is the back brake set up you are running on that baby? Looks sweet!

  8. Shane says:

    What battery is that your running I how small it is.

  9. El Gaucho says:

    I like the fat spoke wheels.

  10. SJ says:

    It’s gotta be said, that little red air cleaner is a sweet and tasteful design solution. Nice bike. I’m getting more and more enamored of these springer front ends and those wide open spaces ahead of the back wheel within the hard tail frame: something cool about exposing that much chain.

  11. MCW RACING says:

    @ usp222- it is a dna caliper set-up. i use them alot, work good and not to expensive
    @ shane- the battery on this bike is a ytx5lbs, its small but i have been known to use even smaller

    as far as the “funky” air cleaner, its a uni for a honda xr400. i made the backing for it that presses onto the carbs. i’ll tell ya, the carbs were alot easier to set-up then using pods

  12. What is the back brake set up you are running on that baby? Looks sweet!

  13. mcw racing says:

    @electro- the rear caliper is a dna

  14. Tables says:

    Very nice looking bike, I really like the frame set up, as Mike Lytle said it really opens up air cleaner options, I like that as well. The lack of most things electric really allows for some clean spaces aswell. Gotta say though that a quick blast up to the corner shop in shorts is out of the question with that pipe set up. So jeans it is. Nice ride.

  15. mcw racing says:

    @tables- the burns are healing nicely, but seriously, they are not that bad at all. the way you sit on them, your legs have plenty clearance

  16. Off the wall says:

    Love this bike! Everything from the seat/fender clearence to the tank to the filter. Awsome work! What footpegs are those?