brass brat 95% little bit to go


72 xs650 , tc bro tank ,hardtail , bars . I went with all brass from headlight to rear fender , harley girder frontend , hurst jockey shift and no front brake hope you like . can,t wait to ride.






  1. Qball says:

    Absolutly stunning!! i like that you didnt black out the engine, great contrast. Awesome

  2. b says:

    verycool I like the brass angle

  3. b says:

    let’s here her run when 100%

  4. Mr Kaos form Australia says:

    Very nice bike, I love the naked bar look. I have a jockey shift and suicide clutch on mine, but I have been lookin at converting to a hand clutch something similar to yours, is it hard to pull in at all?

  5. scott says:

    WOW definately somthin to keep in mind. Your bike is all i can say is wow

  6. scott says:

    I would also like to know how the clutch feels

  7. Sean from boston says:

    The only brass I’m usually a fan of is of the knuckle kind but you seem to have pulled it off! Live the hand shifter and diddo on the hard to pull question?

  8. Barney says:

    Whoooo nice shiny bike. Brass is espensive. I hope mine turns out this nice.

  9. mike says:

    scary man! looks great but my god… no front brake, tall apes, pipes and pegs sittin low and jockey shift… aye! be careful out there

  10. patrix says:

    VERY nice brass details, and the overall look is CLASSIC. I ‘m interested to know if you modified the neck to accommodate the girder …..if not, where were you able to locate bearings for the stock neck and the Harley girder? I’m using the same girder with a stock drum rim for some braking power. YOU have done a fine job on that bike. THANKS for posting!!

  11. terry cullen says:

    thank for comments , clutch is a bit hard to pull but when your holding on for dear life you,ll find the strength , and its a harley girder that i had the triple tree modified to take the xs bearings tappered ones and a spacer but worked out good ,

  12. Mr Kaos form Australia says:

    Nice……I guess the more you twist the go juice feeder the easier it is to squeeze the clutch when there is the chance of being spat off the tail…thanks for your reply.

  13. Miguel says:

    Nice bike, I’m also doing the brass accents but on a bratstyle…may have to do something like yours on the next one. Where did you get the brass headlight?
    Thanks Miguel

  14. terry cullen says:

    the light is from a 40,s something car ? put a wanted add out there and had some replys . was hard to find .

  15. BTD says:

    Hey, We made that seat, can we use one of these pictures on our site?