south of boston xs (update)


Well, once i realized my bike wouldn’t be done in time last summer it sat untouched for a good 6 months but i’m back at it getting it ready for this summer. ended up making a couple of changes, came across a 21 inch dirt bike front rim with a drum brake for short money so i swapped out the bearings and lowed/rebuilt my forks while i was at it.


Added an aluminium block welded to the lower fork for the brake stop & hunted down a cable .Finished up my mid controls,kickstand,added a chain tensioner,swapped to smaller seat springs,mounted the electrical box.


(50’s chevy oil filter can), made a new top motor mount, mounted my license plate bracket & blinker brackets and got my exhaust mostly worked out. now just to finish up the inside of the electrical box strip it down, paint it, wire it & fire it! (hopefully in a couple weeks!)




  1. Sean from boston says:

    Awesome man the bike came out wonderful can’t wait to see it painted! How’s your brothers ride doing?

  2. frank grc says:

    i like this bike a lot! nice work, i dont think those pipes are gonna work though, look like they might drag the ground on turns.

  3. Russ says:

    I like it . The 21 looks good , I’m just worried about your being able to corner whith the ground clearance.I dont think it would hurt the looks any if you had to rase the front forks a little.Everything else looks great, Cant wait to see your paint and it flying down the road.

  4. sean from boston says:

    hey Heres a link to your old post to. sorry I’m a 650 geek

  5. shawn says:

    thx for the compliments! & sean congrats on the frame! been working on it the last 4 days str8t…ditched that motor mount, made up something different & the tail light. all stripped down & painting it now. the frame and most of the smaller bits are done…i’m not so sure about the exhaust either…. i actually slash cut them even with the frame & honestly not so in love with it anyways, worst case i cut the pipes up and make the exhaust i really want out of them and i’d rather lose the exhaust than mess with the stance, either way… only one way to find out! it’s getting close though i should have it back together this weekend, just waiting on mike xs to restock the pamco kit i want & need (hopefully they do soon!!!) and it i’ll be running shortly after..

    my brother has his stripped down as well. he’s doing some finishing touches then his frame is off to the powder coater …

  6. shawn says:

    thx for the link sean! i’m right there with you on the 650 geek thing…mikes actually finally had the pamco kit i needed in stock so i ordered it…. suweet!

  7. Fabbastard says:

    Cool sporty little head lite! And have fun with those pipes! let us know what you end up doing…… cause ya they’d def be custom after your first tight corner. Myself I’d slash them horizontaly (left to right rather than up and down) with the ground just in front of the engine and just below the top of the frame rail, but before the end of the curve. lol…

  8. patrix says:

    I love the overall layout of your bike….has a nice stance but I doubt it could be safely ridden….a couple of adjustments can fix that. NICE job!!

  9. Barney says:

    I like the rugged look of the front end, dirtbike tire with the fork boots. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

  10. Wildo says:

    I bet those pipes scrape! But man this bike is sweet!!

  11. shawn says:

    thx again!..the bike is tied down in the pics too…without the straps it sits a bit higher (about 3 inches of clearance) under the pipes, i’ve seen pipes actually lower than that but like i said worst case i rip em off and build the left side high pipes i really want and will probably end up doing at some point anyways but my main goal now is getting it together and running, adjustments like any custom build is par for the course…

  12. Sean from boston says:

    I’ve seen much lower pipes, glad. To hear your both almost done!

  13. fanoboss says:

    I love it…great lines and artistic vision. Pipes are awesum but a little low.

  14. Ted says:

    Shawn Looks sweet! That headlight looks really nice upfront. The front overall is pretty rad. I dig the front tire choice.. I definitely want to see how this one turns out. Thanks for sending in the pics man.

  15. shawn says:

    thx ted! & thx for this site! ARGH!!!…this things kicking my ass right now, i’ve been working on cars & bikes as long as i can remember but being my first real ground up build of a bike there’s a huge learning curve but it’s all knowledge gained for my next one! frames painted and trying to reassemble it right now…

  16. Sean from boston says:

    Any new progress man? And hey does your brother still have that motor and or frame up for sale?

  17. shawn says:

    yup, i’m chipping away at getting it put back together. it’s a roller, engine’s in and the wiring’s about half done. gonna install the pamco and maybe tackle rebuilding the carbs today… & nah, he sold that last summer

  18. rugburn says:

    i had know idea that there where so many xs guys up here.
    y’all need to hit the city when your runnin’ looks like dave
    huntress might have had a wake at that frame, correct?


  19. rugburn says:

    just read your other thread, dave is a stand up dude. if you still have
    an extra frame and motor around let me know i’m always looking to
    build another xs.

  20. curtis maynard says:

    Hey man dig the bike. Front wheel looks good do you know what kind of bike its off. I am also looking to run a 21″ front drum break on a budget thanks

  21. sean from boston says:

    ya man I would love to hit the city once mine is done, I just have to find a titled frame or well work around that problem maybe a titled motor? shawn let me know if you end up getting one to part out or any cb450’s or 500t’s thats if your still parting metric bikes. please, haha

  22. shawn says:

    rugburn- dave is a really good guy, known his family for about 25 yrs & i do still have another 81/mag wheel roller but not sure what i’m gonna do with it just yet… the engines stuck + another stuck engine & other parts, no title but i got family up in NH to help with the title thing might put it up for trade for a small cb for my next project…your bike’s sweet too btw & definitely hitting the city i’m like 20 mins south right up the street dave…

    curtis- it’s off a 83 it175 cost me 20 bucks but 125 to make it work 17mm drill bit to drill out the brake hub & speedo gear 20$ bearings 20 cable 20 new shoes 25 tire 40…so all toll i’m into it for 145…lol & i snagged the perches off a parts bike we had or i woulda had to buy those too, i might have been able to cheap out on a few things but once i had it i couldn’t resist making it work & i do have the original rim & tire i could sell to get back some of the money it’s mint…

    sean- titled motor won’t do any good u need the vins on the frame if u got one without a title & know someone in NH that will register it for you like 50 bucks they can sign it over to you then your good to go to the reg down here & yup, still parting bikes we got cb stuff but no 450’s, 400’s tho search ebay our store is east coast cycle parts or email me & i’ll send ya the link

  23. sean from boston says:

    well sean If you wanna sell one of those stuck motors ever let me know haha I’ll defiantly check out the store! I can’t wait to see your bike done