Cooking Rockerz-Lada Hitam from Indonesia


Hi my name is Haryo Pramoe, I am a Chef who appeared on Indonesian television cooking shows. My hobby is riding motorcycles. I choose a Yamaha XS 650 year 1972 to build. I bought this in Sidoarjo East Java Indonesia costing us $ 3000. Having a Yamaha XS is my dream come true. The reason I like the XS is the Japanese motorcycle engine is easier to maintain.

Yamaha xs 650 parts in Indonesia are hard to find, therefore buyers from Indonesia should exchange information to fellow owners of xs 650 in Indonesia and overseas correspondence. I chose to build in my own workshop with my friend Nurdin Fajar Hidayat, we both are building using BONERS custom products. The reason BONERS brand we select because we live in an area South Jakarta called Bona Indah (bona-boners). and 111 is our garage house number. lol


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It was a lot of energy to rebuild this engine to make it perfect. Bore up engine up to 750 cc. I’m a fan of sinners “SO CAL’style, simple, rideable, affordable but beautiful results. For me to build the motor not pretty expensive, but know how to build it with a heart.

In Jakarta many  people can afford to buy Harley but the price can be 3-4 times higher than its original price in US. Fantastic! But that’s real! Yes, oddly enough, something that is prestigious expensive in Indonesia, but for me works of art and hard work can be a great motorcycle concept. I only use the frame and machinery parts only, we don’t use the rest of the parts of the bike. I make custom wheel protector, hand made gas tank, steering wheel, rim, Bore up engine. I also have a hydraulic clutch for easy use.

Warm greeting from Jakarta Indonesia:)
Cooking Rockerz!


  1. shawn says:

    awesome bike bro! great job!

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Real beautiful bike looks like a blast to ride!! I. Like the simplicity of it seems reliable and beautiful at the same time

  3. tadd442 says:

    That bike kicks all types of ass man!

  4. Mang_put says:

    Luar biasa bro! Good looking ride…

    Saya juga punya xs650 tapi masih dibongkar. Parts are hard to find in Indo as you say…I’ll have to keep on looking. Thank you for posting your pics! They are inspirational!

  5. Geezerman says:

    NICE !!!

  6. jawa says:

    BLARRR ride on brother…..

  7. Killin it in Indo. Man I though I had it tough up here in Canada. But $3000 for a stock XS? Damn. I’d love to know more about the hydraulic clutch setup.

  8. English Bob says:

    Haryo…..a great Cooking ride!….as an old Limey I just love these bratstyle and hardtail XS Yamaha’s. …..noticed that the old school chrome, metalflake, gold leaf, pinstripes, gloss black frames etc, etc coming back into vogue! Ah…. the ’60s. Happy St Patrick’s day to all the bros out there. Keep upright!

  9. joe speedboat says:

    Wow, beauty!!! How can you drive with such a big sprocket, did you change something in the gearbox?

  10. Fabbastard says:

    That is so sweet I’m getting a tooth ache, and its so clean it looks like you could eat off it!!! Nice job dude! I’m with 10 Ninjas tell us about the hydro clutch.

  11. Barney says:

    Shiny bike, nice paint job. It’s almost like 2 bikes in one, do i want a blue bike today or a red one? I’ll just park it this way. It’s nice to see a bike on here with turn signals and get different ideas of relocating/hiding them. BONER????

  12. frank grc says:

    perfection my friend

  13. G says:

    Absolutely fantastic bike and better than a Harley IMHO. Keep up the good work!

    I feel your pain with the price of XS – they are going for around 3000 AUD in Australia too. Bloody ripoff.

  14. xsblue says:

    nice one dude, its a pity that all us xs lovers cant get together for a big piss up as you could do the food and the crack would be brilliant, happy holidays.

  15. fanoboss says:

    YOU ROCK !!!

  16. patrix says:

    YOU GUYS ARE “COOKIN” ALRIGHT!!! REALLY NICE paint……very nice proportions. The pipes look a little low…but you probably already know that! GREAT work.

  17. hooversama says:

    Better than a Harley?…..I didn’t know it was a contest…..a good looking bike is a good looking bike….no matter what brand it is…..I’ve seen some ugly Harley’s and some ugly Yamaha’s…..and everything in between….

    THIS is one sweet ride…..awesome paint!!!!!! Well proportioned……Looks great. Killer!

  18. hooversama says:

    wow….just noticed the foot controls…..wicked, wicked high……looks like yer knees will definitely get to know yer chin.

  19. motorhead71 says:

    nice bike!…do you have a web site?…how can i contact you?

  20. Gerry says:

    This bike causes respect. Well done.

  21. Capt_Zoom says:

    Better than any stock harley. Way to go man. Killer bike.

  22. hooversama says:

    Better than any stock yamaha. Way to go man. Killer bike.

  23. trent reker says:

    there are really some amazing indonesian builders out there and haryo is correct, not only is the xs650 hard to find out there, anything above 350cc can be difficult to find, much less purchase. anything above 750cc is for the wealthy. harley? them’s fer the rich in the southeast pacific. he fought very hard to build this 650/750 and it’s a commendable effort.

    good job.

  24. Shane Ryans says:

    I really like the bike. What dedication it must have taken to be able to find all the parts and get it together in an area where parts are not all that accessible.

  25. Tyler says:

    Another super cool xs650 build coming out of Indonesia.. pretty neat to see!

  26. Shane Ryans says:

    Nice I love it, what a great bike for a smaller person and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

  27. aldo says:

    trés belle bécane faite avec gout si c est pareil pour ta cuisine le pied

  28. chef haryo says:

    would like to see my video?check this out

  29. XacredSreak says:

    yowes mas.. urang kumpul xs ungkul..kumaha?!

  30. norm younger says:

    AWESOME bike!

  31. Jonomo says:

    This is one of the finest XS650s I’ve seen… Great video…

    I just moved to Singapore and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find one here :(… and it’s not possible to bring one from abroad.. such a shame…

  32. follow me says:

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