Busch Bros. Shin-fluenced XS


After relocating to new digs, Lance and I finally are getting back to working on my Shinya Kimura influenced XS.  We goosenecked the frame, made the hardtail, picked up some big twin Harley wires, modified a custom Sporty sprocket so we could run the HD wheels without a ludicrous tooth count.  



Got the frame pretty damn straight (as straight as Sears laser levels and drop gauges can be), and Lance welded the heck out it.  That thing is solid!  Right now we’re trying to piece two grungy old motors into one runner, and then we can focus on fun stuff like front end choices, etc.



  1. Sean from boston says:

    Looking good can’t wait to see it all finished, just make sure your motors are comparable not everything from all the xs’s is a direct swap

  2. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Dude…. What’s the story on the exhaust!?!? I wanna know more!

  3. Asa says:

    Looks great guys! Shinya is one of my favorite builders – you can definitely see the influence on this bike and it looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing it in person one of these days.

  4. patrix says:

    DANNY..thank you for sharing your build thus far….love your frame mods, and the overall look of the bike.I also saw something in the line of your rear end which inspired an idea I’ll have to check out…I thank for that inspiration!!

  5. Jeff says:

    Love that man.
    Just curious what size tires and wheels?

  6. shawn says:

    this bikes gonna be sweet when its done, the frame & fat tires looks killer!

  7. Danny says:

    or http://www.facebook.com/buschandbusch

    Sean: Thanks for the advice, we’ve definitely found a few diff’s so far (’78 motor versus the ’71).
    Big Jimmy: Hehe, real short zoomies! No, just kidding. Just haven’t got that far yet 😉
    Asa: We’re not dead, really! Will shoot you an email asap.
    Patrix: Thanks man, it’s neat to stir the creative bug in other builders!
    Jeff: Coker 5.00X16 tires, and some big twin HD wires, like off a Heritage Softail I think.
    Shawn: Thanks man!

  8. BigJimmyW13 says:

    I was going to say man damn. That’s going to be a jetting nightmare lol

  9. Danny says:

    LOL, rigid forks! Strictly mockup 🙂 Now that would definitely be a suicide front end!

  10. Danny says:

    40 degrees, and thanks!

  11. cobbs says:

    that sproket is still to big if you need a custom sproket for the harley wheels let me know i make them in a 30t 32t 34t dont go any larger than a 34 or you wont be able ride highway speeds also if you need one smaller than a 30t i can still do it its just not recommend for xs gearing

  12. Danny says:

    Hey Cobbs, I’ll have to go out to the shed and count, but my foggy memory seems to remember that I had a 34 tooth sprocket made. It’s a Sprocket Specialties piece, since they were able to do a Sporty sprocket with custom tooth counts, so I did a 34t since the stock yammer was a 17/34 combo if I recall. Then I machined it to fit on the Big Twin hub. If I’m wrong on the count though, I’ll give you a shout 🙂

  13. Scott Webster says:

    What tank is that? I really like the way it looks sitting so low on the frame. Bike is sweet!

  14. SCOTTY says:

    looks great! i love shin style bikes myself. and if i was to chop one up that would be my ideal too. what’s the rake on that frame?

  15. norm younger says:

    cool bike.