Stripped and cut in half.

I saw a bobber sitting outside a tattoo shop in Austin, TX and fell in love. That same day I went home and spent hours researching how to build one for myself. I’ve never even riden a motorcycle let alone built one. I’ve been building and modifying cars for years and knew i had the skills to take on the project.



After some weeks of searching on craigslist i found a running ’81 about a hundred miles from me. Borrowed a friends truck and went to pick up what will eventually be what you see now. I spared no time, with in a week of owning it the motorcycle was stripped and cut in half. The build took me about a month from start to finish, learning as i went.



As the bike was getting close to being complete i realize i dont really know how to ride it. Took a motorcycle class and got my liscense the same week i finished it.

Not too bad for a 20 year old…

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