Raw and simple

Stripped and cut in half.

I saw a bobber sitting outside a tattoo shop in Austin, TX and fell in love. That same day I went home and spent hours researching how to build one for myself. I’ve never even riden a motorcycle let alone built one. I’ve been building and modifying cars for years and knew i had the skills to take on the project.



After some weeks of searching on craigslist i found a running ’81 about a hundred miles from me. Borrowed a friends truck and went to pick up what will eventually be what you see now. I spared no time, with in a week of owning it the motorcycle was stripped and cut in half. The build took me about a month from start to finish, learning as i went.



As the bike was getting close to being complete i realize i dont really know how to ride it. Took a motorcycle class and got my liscense the same week i finished it.

Not too bad for a 20 year old…

cassio silva


  1. Ben says:

    Thats a great first bike/build congratulations. How did you do your motor? Powder or paint? What paint did you use?

  2. Jason says:

    Looks damn good

  3. Lmao…Great Chopper…- Great PHOTOS!!!!!…..Hell no Not bad for a 20 year old..lol…- Not bad for a 45 year old either….!!!!
    You’re like the Son I Never Had…- Exactly What I Was Afraid Of!!!!!
    Good to hear you got your driver’s liscense…(Lmfao…) – Now slow that damn thing down – and you will be building prize-winning Bikes for a long long time yet to come….

  4. REEB! says:

    Very interesting on the drum flip

  5. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Congrats on the build man. Looks great. College Station here!

  6. tadd442 says:


  7. Jet366 says:

    Flippen sweet!

  8. kenb says:

    Yea very nice lookin ride, glad to hear about the license take your time ridin then you will be doing it for a long time turning 48 on the 29th still ridin and building Be Well Ken B

  9. Denis (fong bros) says:

    Very nice. You just can’t go wrong with simplicity.

  10. Mikey says:

    This is some heavy inspiration right here man, great bike!!! well done!

  11. Manny says:

    What kinds of tires are those

  12. cassio says:

    thanks for the comments!

    Engine was painted with simple vht high temp spray.
    Tires are coker firestone replicas.

    here’s a link to more photos of the bike, taken by another photographer that same day

  13. Rusty Nutz says:


    lol pulling yer leg. Nice job.

  14. toe. says:

    Great job, kid!

  15. Chris says:

    Awesome! Your story is inspiring too.

  16. Alex says:

    Very nice, really diggen the clean look

  17. Steve says:

    Nice looking well done .

  18. lorenzo says:

    Tires look like Firestone one.

  19. Freedombiker says:

    Less is more! great-looking ride. I believe you are correct lorenzo. the Firestone are a good-looking and popular tire. have fun riding your new bike.

  20. cassio says:


    For info please contact me at Cas@rockclimbing.com

  21. Manny says:

    Cassio…what size is the rear and the front tire?

  22. Cassio says:

    Harry where is that from??

    And manny the front is a 400/19 and the rear is a 450/18

  23. Ted says:

    Cassio- I believe it is a original quote from Harry Carmony.

  24. Mark says:

    what hardtail kit you use? awesum ride!

  25. drew says:

    good job on the bike

    are you trying to model for GAP or something?

  26. Cassio says:

    It’s a tc bros hardtail. It gave me the stretch and simplicity I wanted for the bike.

    The photographer had a girl model that bailed at the last minute. So I went ahead and volunteered myself for the shoot. I wish gap or vans would pay me to do this!

    I’m getting alot of interest on the bike, if someone is interested in buying it you better hurry.

    Email is above

  27. Cassio – I wrote a letter to TED to thank him for putting together this UNBELIEVABLY VALUABLE WEBSITE…- and it was in that letter that I wrote the part about you and your chopper…- He wrote me back, – suggesting that I post that excerpt on the site…
    Sometimes when I talk about people who use Thier OWN MINDS and Hearts And Knowlege And Skills…- To Design and Build Thier OWN Motorcycles and Cars I might sound Fanatical, or Radical, Or Arrogant…-but Hey…- That is the Nature Of The Beast…Lol…- Right?

  28. Cassio says:

    Harry I really appreciate the insightful words. On a college student budget I get alot of people both friends and family who sometimes don’t understand my passion and sometimes obsession for building and modifying anything with wheels.

    What some people fail to understand is that in this hectic and uncertain world there are very few things that you have full control over. To me building cars and bikes is one of those few things. I view a junk pile of a car or bike in the same way a sculpter may see a piece of marble.

    My vision of what I want to build is already in my head long before a wrench is turned. I take inspiration from everything around me and incorporate it into my design. In the end when I lay my chisel down, and stand back is when I’m finnaly content. Cutting corners or going away from the original plan is never an option. In the end I know that I created what I had in vision.

  29. Americanbarber82 says:

    This is too funny! You’re all humping this guys leg over an XS with a sporty tank and a TC Bros hardtail. Maybe I’m just a jerk , but isn’t there like 15 other bikes on this site alone that look just like this one? Ya, its a clean bike, but come on its been done like this SO many times.

  30. jeff says:

    agreed!!!! whats all the hype about this bike? i thought this was an abercrombie ad with a motorcycle in it.

  31. Andrew says:

    Also agree…… no disrespect…..I still dig, it but its been done before.

  32. AmericanBarber,
    – It is not His fault that quite a number of people saw his motorcycle and wanted to post comments saying that he built a beautiful bike showing a Great Amount of Austere Rightous Savvy… (Look it up Moron…)
    Some see it…- Some never do, – never have, Never will…
    ….Barber, – I have seen you on here complaining because you are Ignored…- Now I see you putting up a post to express your Jealousy and Envy…- I have seen three other people suggest that you stay off this site…- now I am at least the Fourth…- In other words…- I see what people are saying to Cassio…- and I see what they are saying to YOU…- What do you do for an Encore…- Eat Worms?

  33. And to any others…- He Called his Bike, “Raw and Simple”..- And he posted some photos of it..- just like anyone else might have….
    So I dont see any reason for him to be a target because some people are upset because he is receiving “Too Much Positive Feedback…”…WTF???- All he did was put his bike on here the same as anybody else…

  34. Blackwidow says:

    Hey Cassio a regular person will never understand what drives a gear head nice work dude.

  35. Shotcaller says:

    Cool bike. Great to see someone that young building a bike instead of playing video games.

  36. cassio says:

    hey guys Im happy and at the same time sad to report the bike has been sold. A great guy from california will soon be the proud new owner. Im sure it wont be last we’ll see of this bike.

    I hate to see it go, but a back injury is keeping me from being able to ride. For now the money from the sale is going to be invested into a 1975 280z that i will be building in the next couple of months.

    Don’t worry tough i’m keeping an eye out on craigslist and other classifieds for another project bike. i had so much fun building and riding this xs650 that im sure i’ll be looking for another just like it. Depending on how my back surgery goes this summer to correct my pinch nerve will determined if its going to be a hardtail or not.

    thank you all once again for all the great feed back both good and bad. im sure you guys we’ll be hearing again from me soon.

  37. Americanbarber82 says:

    @Harry Carmony- Eat worms? What a stupid, weird thing to say. I think you’re just embarrassed that you went all gay over this average bike and someone called attention to it. I meant no disrespect, jealousy or envy toward the guys bike, I have a very cool bike of my own, I just felt it necessary to address your goofy, uninformed enthusiasm.

  38. Americanbarber82 says:

    Harry, you kill me man. You don’t get it. There is easily 10-15 bikes on this very website that look just like this one and you think its the coolest thing since sliced bread. You think its so cool and unique that you had to write a few pages about how totally awesome you thought it was. I understand that you’re most likely an older guy that recently discovered “bobbers” and it changed your life, but COME ON, You don’t have to make such an ass of yourself.

    Now, as far as what I’ve built, I have what I think is a very cool XS and as soon as its finished I will post some pics of it.

    And for the record I’m 28.

  39. jeff says:

    nobody of any age could build a better chopper for the money? thats a pretty bold statement. its a hardtailed xs650 with a sporty tank WOW lookout!!!! im sure this dude did a great job building his first bike and since you cant get over the greatness of it just buy it from him he is trying to sell it

  40. Ben says:

    man ill tell ya im 26 and i can’t build anything that good yet…and i had my permit for years but never my license………..woops hopefully no pulling over for me…..but anyways great bike man Love it one of my favorite on the site

  41. Brendon Roller says:

    The bike looks awesome. Im 21 and had just gotten my first bike (xs650). Seeing bikes like yours and knowing your about my age is great motivation. Your bike looks awesome in every way. Honestly not much i would change on it if it were mine! Well.. Enough yappin for me, I better get back to work!

  42. cassio says:

    Thanks for the comments!!

    forgot to mention earlier that these great shots are by a great photographer and good personal friend Justin Leveritt.

    More of his work can be found here:

    AB, Jeff and Harry, I thank you guys for your attention to my build. Both good and bad comments are something that i take into consideration and try to apply to my next projects. In no way do i feel the bike is the best thing since slice bread but its simple. Thats all i was going for simplicity. So altough i may not appeal to some, to me less is more.
    There are somethings that i would probably do differently next time one of them being the sportster tank. Its too common, i chose it not because it was the norm but because it gave me the look and lines i wanted for the bike. Either way i’ll probably go with something different next time, maybe something custom all together.

    Once again thanks for all the comments. I spent this weekend hauling back home my new 1975 280z. It has now been converted from fuel injection to triple weber carburetors. and ive spent the last 2 days in 90+ degree weather trying to get this thing running. gotta love old cars….

  43. kenb says:

    As far as he has come he still has time to make the distance and that is youth nothing as wonderful as creation be it in metal,words or flesh, I enjoy it all be it now or in hind site because I spent the most inportant thing I have and it is going fast, lifes time on it. Enjoy it it may be your last. Ken

  44. jeff says:

    Cassio, dont get me wrong you got a great lookin bike. a sporty tank on a rigid anything is fool proof. Its gonna look good. In my opinion. I think what A B is sayin is theres a bunch of bikes on this site similar to yours in design that didnt get the hype yours did. The age factor in this build is cool but its also a matter of applying yourself and not bein scared to tear into projects like this or cars or whatever it may be no matter how old you are. From my personal experience i find that most people wont even think about getting into a project such as a chopper but they all want one. If you can throw a bike like this together in a month that IS awesome. Keep em comin. Although this style may be common on this site i can guarantee its not in your hometown and nothing is cooler than the attention and reaction you get at a gas pump by a society stuck in harley world wondering what the hell kind of bike that is. And its even better when you tell them youve got less money in it than the monthly loan payment is on their bike.

  45. chevy53 says:

    i like your style man, like the color.

  46. Haziq says:

    The reason why I fell in love with a Bobber in the first place. Nice machine you got going on there bro. Congrats!

  47. Time once again for The AB,Jeff and Harry Show…- Brought to you by, – TED,and Cassio…..(Unless we’ve been cancelled…)
    Okay…- I’ve got my beer and cigarettes on the table beside me here at my computer, and I am wearing my XS650.com T-Shirt…- I Am In The Groove…
    Last night I finnished tack-welding all of the mounting tabs and bracketts onto the frame of my current build…- then loosely bolted the tank, batterybox, seat, fender, and handlebars into place….- I sat down and looked at it, and I said…There It Is…- I got what I was trying to get…- I did what I was trying to do …- it’s Millertime…
    But I know that tomorrow when I look at it again..- It may not look as good as I thought it did at quitting time last night….- and as well I know I have to give it a few days to find out if I am not trying to lie to myself about a few things…- for instance….. is 1/8 inch of sidewall clearance on either side of my rear tire gonna be enough on a long ride on a hot day???- (Where’s a know it all when you need one)….
    Or for instance, – is that Harley Fatbob tank about 20% too large for the rest of the bike (aesthetically) if I am really honest with myself….
    But what I am thinking about for the AB, Jeff, and Harry Show…- Is all of the hours of the past four decades that I have spent building motorcycles, and trying to gain one more eighth inch of clearance…- or moving a seat one inch backward, or a gastank up half an inch…back and forth modifying a rake…- lowering a frame, raising a frame…- lengthening a wheelbase, – shortening a wheelbase…extending the forks, – shortening the forks…
    I have felt like the guy in that movie, “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”…-becoming disfunctional and my life going down the drain over my obsession with creating a 3-d Reality Version of something that I can see in my mind and heart and soul…- but I can Never Actually Get It Right…..
    …….Thanx to THE WONDER OF THIS WEBSITE…- I can Easily and QUICKLY say:…- If You Go To Your Right, – you can “Click” on three different bikes, which are all three “PERFECT” in thier three different ways…-one is Cassio’s bike, – “Raw and Simple”…-one is “Second Chance…- And one is ” A Sotter Fae Scotland”….
    In a big way you could say that they are all three the same basic design…- a triangular frame with a triangular gastank, and a vertical twin…-but then again, – you can see the differences…-but each of the three is PERFECT in it’s own way….- so if someone wants to say it’s all been done before -same old 6 and 7…- well, – okay …- yeah…- you MIGHT say that…but , – I will still have to say that in my fourty years of the bikes I have really seen – and bikes I have seen in thousands of magazines…- the “Sotter Fae Scotland” is the Most of what I have been trying to do…- and I have never succeded….(Altho I would shorten his pipes and do something about that sissybar…)
    They are all three The Same…- they are all three Very Different, – and all three PERFECT in THIER OWN WAY….
    How SERIOUSLY Artists and Engineers can take Thier Work…- or how strongly they can Feel About It….at this point is not something we can “Click” on, – to the right of the monitor….-
    But I WILL say I think I got TOO MAD at American Barber…he is just a guy who is 28 years old and wants to build a chopper…but when he puts up a post calling the experts at Ardcore “Clowns”…- and puts up a post saying he is laughing at me, – or Cassio…- he obviously has a lot to learn…about a lot of things…
    But the anger I let go with was actually my anger toward the guys who buy and build bikes of the likes of the TV show, “West Coast Choppers…” Some sort of an idea that if extending a front end 2 inches will look good…- then extending it 60 inches will look 300 times BETTER!!!…..- Or if a wide rear tire looks good…making it ten times WIDER will make it look TEN TIMES BETTER!!!….
    ……………..It doesnt work that way….Those gross idiotic Harley Designs are no product of Aesthetic Genius anymore than they are a triumph of Engineering Genius…They are a HUGE IDIOTIC JOKE OF BOTH…
    I let go on AB with an anger toward Mockeries, Sheeple Idiocy…False Authority…The Media…and at least one luckey Hulk Hogan Wanna-Be…- (altho I am not sure he ever claimed to be anything more…(????)), …..- American Barber is hardly to blame for all of THAT…- and also – he may be building a pretty neat little bike….- and in anycase…- he knew to start with an XS 650…-credit given where certainly due…
    But like I say…- I was glad to have an opportunity to go on and on about it…
    Jeff…- thanx for holding you temper there a little…- I did make a broad catagorical comment…- but if I had said “Levi Jeans are the BEST PANTS EVER EVER EVER”…..- it would be a broad and catagorical statement, – but on the other hand…- you would see what I mean……
    Cassio…With 51 comments on your posting- thanx for letting me Write A Novel on your Posting…-if I get published, – I guess we’ll be discussing royaly percentages…- But so far I am only working for a chance to win free handlebars in a random drawing…
    Ted…- thanx for letting me get A LOT OFF MY CHEAST….
    AmericanBarber…- you said I am making an ASS of myself…- well that might be the one thing you’ve said that I wont argue…..- but all I can say is that I am on my third beer…- and …- THIS BUD’S FOR YOU!!!

  48. Jack the dull boy says:

    i gotta say cassio, this is inspiring to other 20 year olds… like me… haha and to have it finished in a month, well that is pure dedication dude. where did you get your tires? i really like them, they set the bike off for sure.

  49. Jack…- 20 year olds who take an interest in Building A Chopper, – are an INSPIRATION TO ME!!!!…^5…..-and if anyone ever tells you not to waste your life on hotrods and motorcycles…- tell them it is better to waste your life on Something…- than to waste it on Nothing…(I think that is a quote from a 1973 issue of Hotrod Magazine…lol…- I Love It…)

  50. cassio says:

    hey jack
    thanks for the compliment glad to see another young gun out there!
    the tires are available from coker tires, they sell all sorts of cool reproduction tires for cars and bikes. i got lucky and found these on ebay for an even cheaper price. check ebay first if they dont have any listed call up coker and they’ll hook you up.

  51. chevy53 says:

    hey cassio im in the same boat you where in, im building a hardtail xs and i have never riddin any kind of street bike, im not even sure if im going to like the way that the hardtail rides. but i know how to handle a bike in the dirt, been riding dirtbikes sence i was 6, im 21 now, so i think its time to get on the road.
    cool bike.
    what color is that? it looks like it would be bad ass on my 56 chevy pickup

  52. tmac-attack says:

    did you alter the rake at all? and what kind of tank is that?? super sick bike dude!

  53. cassio says:

    chevy 53 dont worry about the ride with a hard tail, if youre a young guy like me you’ll enjoy it. I dont think i could manage a cross country trip with it but it was perfect for getting around town. take your time test fitting and getting the seat geometry right, making sure that that spring seat does its job is key.

    The color is spray paint that suppose to give metals a gold finish. I sprayed it then sanded it using oil to weather the paint while giving it some shine.

    The rake is stock, i did lower the forks maybe 3/4in into the trees.
    and the tank is just a cheap harley peanut tank i got off ebay.

  54. Sean from boston. says:

    bike is beautiful, I’m also 20 *turned on the 26’th* this bike is Huge inspiration to start my first bike build however I will be doing one soft tail and a hard tail second *the bike I’m picking it up this week comes with a spare frame and some spare parts :)* and In all honesty I’ll be using your bike for a reference its very clean and something about it says to me “if you don’t like it, I don’t care” Great job

  55. Andrew says:

    Hey I,m new to xs650s and have a question for you. I’m about 6’1″ and am woundering how tall you are and how good the bike fits you.


  56. cassio says:

    Andrew I’m 6’3″ I never felt the bike was small. Then again i like the feel of my legs being bent and hugging the bike as appose to being stretched out and barely able to reach the bars. I prefer a small bike i guess but i never had anyone comment saying that the bike looks small on me. I think you at 6’1″ should be fine with a small stretch ie 2 to 3 inches.

    Here’s me on the bike.


  57. stemsk8 says:

    nice looking bike man. i’m building one for the first time too and oh no, similar style. killer pictures. it’s nice to see some professional photography involving bikes.

  58. tadd442 says:

    Get TEEBS back…

  59. RichieB says:

    Sweet bike! The simpler, the better!

  60. ksdtoday says:

    Sweet bike. I like the drum flip.

    Age has nothing to do with it, I know 16 year old kids smarter that grown men. Its all about knowledge, and you have it! Good work.

  61. Very clean, very simple, I dig it. I bet some Clubman bars would look sweet on it!

  62. cassio says:

    Thanks guys for all the encouraging words an the constructive criticism.

    I finally got around to getting an MRI of my back. An i have 2 herniated discs, mild scoliosis, and sacralization in my l5. So it looks like i wont be back on a bike any time soon, specially a hardtail. I miss the feeling of riding already, and i hope to recover 100% and go back to doing the things I love.

    This however won’t stop me from building. I have a good friend with some money to spend that is paying me to build a bike for him. The nice thing about it is that he’s letting me be creative and build the bike to my liking. My 280z project will also be going underway and hopefully making progress, as i already plan to have it at a show in october.

  63. Harry Carmony says:

    Cassio…- I am sure sorry to hear about that back…-but as you say there is still so much to love about building them, not to mention designing them and figuring them out….
    I knew when you chose 1975 280z for next project that you have a really good eye for seeing a REALLY GREAT DESIGN that did not get near the credit it deserved, – and got left behind for a New Style of Design Fassion Trends that were No Where Near as Good…- There again, – I was impressed by your ability to Know The Real Thing When You See It…- That is worth Far More than the back-problems can ever deminish…..
    ……@Tebo…..”There is nothing like Towing Home a New Car…” Lmao…- I have heard a lot of quotes and one-liners, – but none truer than that one…..- For certain it fits Cassio and his New Motorcycles and his New Cars…^5…….

  64. Ju says:

    Nice, simple, clean bike, a build to be proud of. I like the pedal on the kickstart it adds to the olk skool look.

  65. Stephen says:

    This is inspirational to me. I just turned 20 myself and have a background in cars. I too fell in love with bobbers and spent hours researching them on the internet. Sadly though I can’t pursue my bike fantasies as quickly as you did. As long as my parents are helping me pay for school, I can’t get a bike. In a few years though, I hope to have a project turning out as exceptional as yours. Great work!

  66. matt says:

    i gotta know whats the stretch and drop of that hardtail

  67. cassio says:

    matt its just a simple generic tcbros hardtail so 3in stretch

  68. matt says:

    inspiering work you did awsome job on this man i just picked up a 1978 today in exchange for an old shotgun this is will be my 2nd bike build, just a 23 yo guy its nice to see that other guys my age can do so much with a pile of junk hopefully all turns out…

  69. Josh says:

    Curious? What was the wheel base after the hard tail install?

  70. Mike says:

    Hey Cassio, I have to join the others in praise for this ride. I’ve been loving my 1976 CB550 cafe, and recently crossed over and picked up my 1st XS650, now chopped with a TC hardtail. Needless to say I’ve been cruising this site ever since. Raw and simple sums it up perfectly and is the vision I’ve had for my XS since the beginning. I’ve always liked the low, sporty, drag bar, blacked out bobber look and your design personifies it perfectly. My bike right now is stripped bare steel frame and fender with a springer seat, and I only hope that when it is done, it will look remotely as good as this one… Congrats. The new owner must be ecstatic with his new ride. Hope your next project turns out just as good. Hey… maybe you should build a cafe racer next?

  71. Jeff Hennes says:

    What is the rear fender? (stock front?) and what size head light is that?

    Thanks, Jeff

  72. cassio says:

    Mike you nailed it with the cafe racer comment. Altough i kept my eye on craigslist to find a suitable xs650 to build a cafe racer, something else caught my attention.

    I recently became the owner of a 71 triumph bonneville, the bike has gone alot of work already and is on the road making young ladies turn around and old ladies cover their ears.

    the rear fender is the stock front one, that i cut, and filled the hole for the brake cable.
    the head light is a 5 in light.

    thanks for all the positive comments!

  73. Arevalo says:

    This bike just hit craigslist here (sfbayarea)!

  74. Brenna says:

    I’d like to say that is the most perfect name for your bike, and that is just the way I’d like my bike raw and simple congrats it’s gorgeous. I can’t stop looking at the bike one day will be building one too!!!:)

  75. Dave says:

    Where did you find that tank at? is it one from tc bros

  76. cassio says:

    Dave the tank was from ebay, just a generic peanut tank nothing fancy. had to do a little banging and grinding on the frame but it fit like a charm!


  77. Iain says:

    Hey Cassio, nice build, what bike did the 19 & 18 inch wheels come from?

  78. Shane Ryans says:

    Nice build I like the simple yet great look of it all.

  79. cassio says:

    Iain, the front wheel is the factory Heritage model wire wheel. The rear I sourced from a xs400. And yes 19f 18r.

  80. Yale says:

    Cassio – awesome bike! I was looking for a bike to play with and came across this whole xs650 phenomenon. I have been totally intrigued by the whole thing and want to build my own. I have no experience with bikes but pretty handy with access to plenty of tools and welding equipment. Your bikes looks really clean and simple, very much my taste. Any tips before I dive in? PS – Your right, “not bad for a 20 yr old.”

  81. gilly says:

    Great job! Well done! what stretch and drop is the hard tail?

  82. Chump says:

    Looks cool nice and simple only dislike to this bike is the fact that its like every other bike on here a simple style but yet looks so elligent sad to hear you sold her keep riding brother and stay verticle.


  83. mike lytle says:

    I can’t believe i just read all 88 comments on this thread!! what is sad about the thread is that it seems like what happened here is a sort of mind set that could change what i think this site is about and turn it into , only post something different site. a “TC bro’s” hardtail and p’nut tank will therefor not be worthy of posting… the trouble with that logic is each bike built, to it’s builder is a worthy creation, at least to the builder, is unique to his area most likely and for some there first build. something to be very proud of. Ted has done a very noble thing creating this web site, it’s worth imeasurable!! to off handlely put down a build just because it’s been done before, shameful!! building a bike, whatever it is , is worthy. to think otherwise is self destructive, beause at some point no one will be able to build a “WORTHY” bike!!

  84. Ted says:

    @ mike lytle – Thanks – well said. I read all the comments to.

  85. mike lytle says:

    if your the Ted that created this web site……..then thankyou for the thankyou, but mostly for the web site, as I said it’s worth is imeasurable!!!!!!!!! my curent build will be absolutly better for seeing all the other builds on these pages………thankyou, mike

  86. misfitskinny says:

    wow !!! I just read all of this too. Great thread, good discussion!! I guess I can see all points of view from AB, Jeff, Mr. Carmony and of course Mike lytle, Etc… Sometimes its hard to keep your mouth shut and thaughts to urself, it is for me.I’m 45 years old and would seem like a 20 year old. Started off in the 6th grade taking drafting, wanted to be an arcutect. Took drafting all through middle school and high school( 2 year vocational) Ended up with an interest in engineering by the time I had graduated. Got lucky and got a job in a Plastic injection Molding place( machine shop that makes steel molds that make plastic parts) Boss liked my work ethics and paid and sent me to vocational school for machine shop, Welding and Shop math ( which is trigonometry) Did all this while working and serving apprenticeship( journey man, tool maker) Finished it all up then decided I wanted something more. Got a grant then went to college for 4 years, studied Art and Mechanical Engineering. Got out desided to be a Tattoo Artist, Did this for about 12 years straight and still do off and on. Somewhere along the way I was watching the boob tube and seen a guy by the name of Jesse James pounding out some raw steel and making something artistic and beautiful out of nothing. I new right then that this is what I had been looking for all those years. Something you could put everything that you are into and create something That was practical, useful, Artistic, Creative Etc….. all in one. I guess my point is, if there is one, is that my first builds were alot like Casio’s. The stuff I’m doin these days is alot more funky but not any better perhaps than the stuff I did years ago that was just raw and simple. If I wanted to just make a living building bikes maybe I would do just that ( make em raw and simple) I still love em no matter what. I love seeing people build something no matter how good, crazy or simple it may be. I am still learning after all these years, which seems like yesterday as I am remembering back, thinking, where has it all gone so fast.To me It is not about the money or who is best builder, there is room in this big world of life in it’s devine shortness for all of us. Some sell for more and some sell for less, but it, in all ,is all about the art or just making something to be as safe as you can to ride around on and have a good time.. By the way Cassio welcome to the wonderful world of bike bike building. You did a great job on your build weather it be the first or last it will always be apart of your life even after you sold it. Someone is out there riding something you made having a blast, congradulations. Thanks to Ted for creating this website. It has been a great inspiration to alot of people including me. Cant wait to see whats next to come from the younger generations of bike builders. Guys like Cassio keep me feeling young and on my toes.

  87. mike lytle says:

    Misfitskinny, your skills are many, your talent as a builder, without question. Your point of view is well taken and I personally agree with it!! building a bike is more than the finished product, it is an expression of a persons soul. it is a confidence builder for the first timer, and mostly it is in our DNA. life just isn’t complete without a project, something to think about, finding that right part, making the build flow…seeing it to completion. for those of us that have spent a lifetime building things or those who have chosen to tackle their first build the sense of worth you get can not be equaled any other way…there may, infact, be more worth in a first time “TC Bro” hardtail and a peanut tank build, than Jessie James gets when he builds a $150,000 bike!!!! I am with Misfitskinny and say let’s encourage the young builder as much as we can, they are the future of our culture, a culture that can look at a pile of crap, and see something beautiful lying just under the surface, and know with a little hard work, some time and thought, a cool-ass chooper will be born…..let the na-sayers- say there’s always a few hidin out behind the wood pile I gave up payin much attention to um years ago..so to all the old builders and especially the new builders Rock-On with whatever you choose to build!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. misfitskinny says:

    Well said Mike Lytle. I agree 100%, especially part about me lol. My hats off as well to the great builders that got me started, that many people call sell outs these days, like Jesse James and Arlen Ness. I only wish I had there skills and ability or opportunity to sell out like they have. They were just guys like us who started off small with alot of dreams and skill, got recognized, became successful. Oh, and Billy Lane, Indian Larry. Im sure theres some guy on this site, or there will be one day, that may be the next Billy Lane. For me, I am happy and content with my little building, in my little shop, trying to create something different that someone, hopefully many, will appreciate. I already Know that some will like, and some will not, its just like politics. So to all the builders out there wether there a beginner, serious, part time, or old school Like the legendary Mike Lytle and myself lol, keep on buildin whats in your head and don’t worry about what others say. I would suggest that if your trying to get alot of attention from a built, that you try and create something with good lines, shape, and something that when you pull up to a stop light people will have there little camera cell phones out sayin ” what the f*^k is that. lol By the way I have a new line of hand tooled leather seats I make and sell, at a great price for all you builders out there that want a 1 off seat.

  89. chris says:

    Every time I swing by xs650copper.com I always find my way back to this page, the aesthetics of this bike are so clean and simple… Defiantly one of my favorites.

  90. Ted says:

    The photography helps!

  91. rich mccann says:

    Thats an awesome looking bike. You should be proud of yourself to have the skills to build and ride at 20 years old. You could have a promising future as a bike builder…or with that kind of attitude you could accomplish just about anything you want to.

  92. Shane says:

    Nice clean build I like the paint job as well. thanks for sharing

  93. Nippy says:

    Nice bike, simple, solid design but nothing really original. It’s the photography that does it, those Photoshop vignettes work wonders Well done.

  94. pablo dragon says:

    man no matter what people said.. this is what made me wish to start a proyect! im 24 and i dont have a lot of time,but i hope i can finish this before my 25th birthday june! wish me luck!

  95. pablo dragon says:

    man no matter what people said.. this is what made me wish to start a proyect! im 24 and i dont have a lot of time,but i hope i can finish this before my 25th birthday june! wish me luck!

  96. pablo dragon says:

    man no matter what people said.. this is what made me wish to start a proyect! im 24 and i dont have a lot of time,but i hope i can finish this before my 25th birthday june! wish me luck!

  97. DENNI$ says:

    11 months should be enuff time!!

  98. Moustachio says:

    Is there anyway to get ahold of this guy anymore? His blogger hasn’t been updated in 8 months and the email I found on it is dead. Wanted to ask some questions about what frame/tail and forks and such were on the bike (unless someone else knows just by sight).

  99. stan says:

    what kind of tires?

  100. franco says:

    well said, this is a great site and all the posts deserve some respect

  101. Mark says:

    I’m dieing to know what fake oil bag that is!!?? Anyone?

  102. Mark says:

    Firestone replicas

  103. Cassio says:

    Wonderful to see that people are still finding inspiration in my beater. Maybe I’m not inspiring innovation and creativity as much as some of the more extensive builds on this site. This bike will never win a bike show or receive a magazine feature but I think it’s beauty is in the feeling I received from working with my hands. There’s pride in creation and I think many have looked to this bike and my story and It has inspired them to create something of their own.

    This bike has been long gone for years now, and I’m sure one day I will forget what it even looked like. However what I felt the day that I strapped my helmet on and rode it for the first time, that I will never forget.

  104. Pim says:

    Hi, nice bike
    How are the foot pegs mounted to the frame ?

  105. johnny says:

    Hey Cassio, what color is the paint job, i looks like copper almost…or maybe im just color blind.