XS650 finned 3/4 inch carb spacers


LC Fabrications NEW XS650 finned 3/4 inch carb spacers..

Jeremy Cupp founded of LC Fabrications shot over a e-mail the other day to give us some info on the new XS650 Finned carb spacers and other 650 parts he’s making. LC Fabrications started life in the corner of a machine shop in the hills of Virginia. LC Fabrications has had a lot of success with the Hinckley Triumph stuff, but this is there first venture into XS territory!

Jeremy just finished a xs650 chop (The bike that gave birth to these new parts) and he is just putting the finishing tweaks/adjustments on the bike before he shoots over some pics and a writeup. Its cool to see talented guys building quality aftermarket parts for the xs650. There are a lot of aftermarket parts available for putting together a sick XS café racer but I think there are still lots of holes to fill in the xs 650 chopper/custom bike market. The invisible hand is still at work…..

You can find more about LC Fabrications by heading over to LC Fabrications site here. Jeremys TT Deluxe was the AMD 2009 World Championship 6th place Freestyle winner, the Smoke Out 9 winner, and Easyriders National VQ Award winner ext.
I’m sure his new XS650 chop will be on-point. I can’t wait to see some pics.


The pic up top is the Xs650 Finned aluminum 3/4 inch carb spacers on my workbench before I got to putting them on my ride. The carb spacer is a nice well made part which I happen to get at a perfect time, before I ordered needles and brass for my carbs. If you’re into these Finned spacers you should head over and pick yourself up a set. I think Jeremy will be putting out more new xs650 parts if these spacers do well.


XS 650 finned 3/4 inch carb spacers

XS 650 Finned aluminum 3/4 inch carb spacers. O-ring seal and new Stainless hardware included. Improve torque and throttle response with our ultra smooth bore custom styled carb spacers. Sold as pair. works with stock manifold/carb holder

XS 650 Brass Carb Brace

Solid brass cross brace fits stock BS38 Mikuni CV carbs. Includes 8 new M5 x .8 stainless steel buttonhead screws to replace the OEM philips hardware.

XS 650 Finned exhaust flange

Our finned aluminum flanges are the perfect match for our carb spacers. features our exclusive split-bushing design which allows installation from the manifold end of the pipe. Studs/nuts not included.
Thanks for the carb spacer set Jeremy. I hope your new parts do well.. It’s also nice having another sponsor on the site.
Oh yeah, You guys should also check out LC Fabs Bee-Liner.


  1. ronn simpson says:

    Carb spacers look nice but I did not see any ordering info

  2. REEB! says:

    65 for the spacers. Order now connected to websites link. Got some other cool stuff on there too. If LC is reading this can you do stuff in brass?

  3. Hello and nice meeting you all!

    I can do parts in brass, but its a pretty expensive material and Im not sure its a feasable alley…although if there is enough demand I can certainly look into it!

  4. bykerbrad says:

    Spacers look great. Its that a blue dildo in the second picture?

  5. Ted says:

    bykerbrad@ HAhaha, No! It’s an electric toothbrush I was using to clean out my carbs. It would have been a lot cooler if it was a dildo though….haha

  6. bykerbrad says:

    Haha nice Ted! That is a good idea for cleaning in small areas. But you have to admit, at first glance…haha

  7. shotcaller says:

    Awesome bikes and parts. I’ll be getting me some exhaust flanges and tach plug for sure. I think the TT bike is one of the baddest I’ve ever seen.

  8. REEB! says:

    Ordered a set this morning. Can’t wait to check them out

  9. metalhead says:

    could I get a set sans ribs? Those would make a killer nitrous manifolds, but I wouldn’t be able to get the foggers in well with the ribs.

    Been thinking of putting a fake oil bag under the seat of my chop to fill in the empty space, but an N2O bottle would look much better 🙂

  10. what about putting a nice big counterbore in the ribbed section….then you can have both!

  11. wojo says:

    Nice work! I would like to see you fab a set of manifolds for duel carbs on each side! I haven’t seen that done yet!