Shotcaller XS 650 Build


Write about your XS650.: Here’s my XS build in progress. I’m waiting for the wheels to make it a roller. The frame is from Ardcore Choppers. The tank is hand made.


The wheels will be Invader 5 spoke spool 21″ and 18″. Braking is Performance Machine rear rigid mount with Exile 5 spoke rotor clocked with the wheel spokes.



Motor has mechanical fuel injection from a jetski. I removed 2 fins from the cylinder and contures the head fins to match the cylinder. More to come.


  1. Ted says:

    Sick Lane splitter. I love the direction this is headed. we will have to do a interview monthly feature when you’re done. fuel injection from a jetski is pretty original. Mulligan triple trees looked great. keep us posted! Thanks For sending in the pics.

  2. Hesh says:

    Are those mullins trees? So narrow! I love it!

  3. Eric says:

    That’s about the narrowest bike i’ve seen in a while. Love the tank. Nice and original work bro!

  4. Shotcaller says:

    Thanks guys. This probably won’t be what most like when it’s done with all the billet stuff but it’s what I like. I’m having some one off billet covers made for the motor and doing allot of black anodizing. I’m trying to keep the old look with some new style too. I’ll submit some more pics when it’s ready to tear down for paint.

  5. PVKM says:

    Sick! Ardcore does make the nicest XS frames available. The injection is a nice gimmick. You only have to watch your manjewels not to get burned from a back fire…

  6. reynoldburton says:

    I like what you did to the cylinders – looks nice!
    Are your sure it wont overheat now?

  7. Shotcaller says:

    Not sure about the overheating. I’m planning to run the bike on e85 and I’m told it should run cooler. As far as “gimmicks” go, I’m trying to do stuff that hasn’t been done on the XS bikes. It’s hard to be different because “different isn’t always cool”.

  8. BHALL says:

    A cool bike is a cool bike now matter how the parts are made, I’ve seen some abortions made of billet and hade made crap too.
    This is gonna be one RAD bike I can already tell. Good Luck

  9. Bruce Gill says:

    Looks great! It’s what makes it all worth while and interesting. One mans likes are another mans dislikes….

    What yokes/trees are they?? very nice!

  10. Ted says:

    Hesh@ Mulligan triple trees haha I meant to say mullins trees?

    @ Bruce Gill

  11. Ben says:

    I dig the billet look. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Exile makes cool stuff…but pricey. Looks good, and what the hell is in the back ground?

  12. Blackwidow says:

    This bike is definately cool

  13. Seth says:

    Now this is a bike I can dig.. Seems many hours were spent mentally designing this. I aint to keen of the billet and such, but the style, and shoes, are definatly where its at.

  14. Shotcaller says:

    If it helps, none of the billet will be polished 😉

  15. jeff says:

    theres nothing wrong with billet. it mills easy cuts nice and its strong as hell and one of its luxuries is it polishes. so what. people like to hate just becuz its rebellious to the “chopper world”. this bike is awesome. in fact its getting more comments than most and its not even close to done. and who else needs to worry about your manjewels? i think the F.I is slick and will probably work great. how much are they selling those trees for?

  16. Shotcaller says:

    Thanks jeff, the trees are 410.00 shipped but they’re for a H-D. The neck on my frame is a H-D style. It wouldn’t be hard to cut a stem to work with an XS. The only other problem would be the steering stops.

  17. Shotcaller says:

    Oh and they’re 35mm H-D legs with the taper at the top. He makes them for 39mm and 41mm tubes as well.

  18. eric says:

    did you make that battery box?

  19. Billybobba says:

    Mate I really like the look of those spokeless rims!!! It adds a whole new dimension to the minimalist look.

  20. Shotcaller says:

    I ordered the wheels at the end of September. Seems like he could have built them by now. That’s what happens when you pay all up front…never again!

  21. Tebo says:

    Dude, you’re either on something, or ONTO something. Using most, or all alloy, you could be flirting with breaking the 300 lb. mark with this bike. And running E85, you could probably get an Obama grant to build a whole flock of “green” bikes! With some pull-back bars and a nice fat seat this is gonna be one sick-ass ride. ALL HAIL RENEWABLE ENERGY SCOOTS!

  22. Shotcaller says:

    Maybe I’ll run it on ethanol instead of e85…that’s “greener” right? Where do you apply for the “Obama grant” ?

  23. reynoldburton says:

    Yes! Pull-back bars and a NICE fat seat. Lol 🙂

  24. mean bean says:

    this bike is sick! i almost wish i was apart of it!

  25. Migustigus says:

    So is it done yet? looking forward to the end result…

  26. Sean says:

    We got any status on this one? I can’t wait to see the end result.

  27. Reeb! says:

    Are we ever gonna get an update on this bike? It would be a shame if it is just sitting somewhere

  28. RJ from the ole school says:

    Best ULTRALITE ride I ever saw,,,,,,I like the 6 wheels for extra stability on icey roads. I definitely like the TRANSPARENCY and the skelletonized theme. The power to weight ratio must be awesome,,,,great build!