Update on my bratty xs650


Candied it with candy brandywine.

Write about your XS650.: Well got laid off so I have been trying to get some work in on my xs. I got my front end fixed. I lowered it 3″ I finished welding up the frame mods I did. I got my cables marked to send to 650 central so he can cut them to fit.



I got these polished covers to use. Mine were busted. I painted the motor with the H-D sand finish black. It came out really flat was hoping for a more satin finish. I took my grinder with a 1/4 thick grinding blade and cut the fins to make it kinda look like there were diamond cut. This is the mock up tank I made. I flaked it out with 3 different sizes of silver paint then candied it with candy brandywine. My seat pan came yesterday I hope to get it mounted tomorrow.


I cleaned up the welds and striped the frame. I painted it with truck bed liner looks awesome. You should get a can and try it. I cut the old wheels apart and powder coated them relaced and trued. I went with the shinko tires a 100/90/19 on the front and a 120/90/18 on the rear. Anyways here she is. I am really digin how she is looking. I love how the tank sets the black off.

Update joel-mekolites-bratty-xs650-makeover/


  1. lil bastard says:

    Cool I dig it !! Love it !! Dosen’t have to be a hardtail to be cool! Great job!

  2. Joel Mekolites says:

    Thanks I’m stoked on it. I love the hardtails but it seams like thats all you see.

  3. JET36 says:

    Nice job!
    I will be using your seat setup on my next build. IM set on doing it as a Brat after watching this bike come together. Love how the tank came out.

  4. Ted says:

    I’ve said it before but that tank is Tits! Love it..

  5. Joel Mekolites says:

    Thanks guy’s I am really diging it I added a rear fender and some other trinkets check out more pics here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/roofer429/

  6. Teebs says:

    Looks sweet. Glad you didn’t stay with the colored covers, looks perfect like this.

  7. Hesh says:

    Tank is rad and those skinny apes are cool too. Keep it up!

  8. Joel Mekolites says:

    Yea the red was way too much. I bought these apes got them home and hated them. Now I love them

  9. Byron says:

    what type of shocks did you use? I love this bike…I’m working on a 1978 xs….my first build….hope to have some pics on here soon. Keep up the good work.

  10. Joel Mekolites says:

    They are honda rebel shocks off ebay. $99

  11. Spoke78 says:

    Hey Joel. What kind of tank is that?

  12. Blackwidow says:

    Thats a real clean bratstyle bike. So I have a question where do you get those smaller springs and shocks at?? and with the travel when you get on it how does the wheel not hit the seat??

  13. joel mekolites says:

    they are honda rebel shocks thewre is about 2″ of travel havent hit yet the anglew made them a little stiffer

  14. HAPPY DAN says:

    Nicest brat bike Ive seen,great job on the tank!