82 XS Heritage just about ready for a test drive


1982 Heritage Special. I bought this from a relative and occasionally rode it for 2 years. The problem was that I am 6’1″ and 250 and when I took it in to work the guys were on me about looking like a circus bear on a bike, I wanted something longer and lower so after looking at every picture I could find on the internet I decided on an extended swingarm, got out the hacksaw (really!!) and started cutting. I am making it up as I go, using some ideas from here and other sites and trying to re-use some of the parts where I can. I will be getting it painted in a Steeler theme, Black and Gold and I created some decent decals that will be buried in the clear. The diamond plate will be painted the same gold as the swingarm. I imagine next year I will be replacing the headlight and controls, but who knows..



  1. George Holl says:

    XS650Chopper, Thanks for posting my pics.
    I keep changing this build.. I am now going to paint the swingarm and the diamond plate black, two Gold stripes from the rear fender across the tank to the front fender. I also didn’t like the way I had this set up with the OE rear fender, it didn’t leave enough clearance and when I took it for a ride it was rubbing. So I ordered a rear fender blank (Ebay) that will be here tomorrow. I pulled the Headlight and tach/speedo to strip and repaint, well when I stripped them I found that they were originally chrome! Took them to the bench top buffer and polished them up real nice. I will be sending everything out for paint after I fit the rear fender. I will have some new pics to post here real soon.