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I found a 1978 xs on craigslist and the rest is history.

Write about your XS650.: I built a xs for a customer about a year ago and once that bike was done I knew I had to have one for myself.  I found a 1978 xs on craigslist and the rest is history. I used a TC bros hardtail for the rear, Cut the old rims apart and laced the old hubs into some new pro wheel 21 inch dirt bike rims. I wanted to go as far away from the fat tire rear end as possible, so I went as skinny as I could.noid-cimg1917

Since the bike looks like a bicycle i used some old bmx pedals i had for foot pegs. Made up some exhaust with enough kick at the ends to fire into car windows. I cut down a front fender and shortened it for the rear, as well as drilling holes down it. All the tabs have been smoothed off the fork legs, the handlebars are from a pit bike.




My buddy Doug Knoben did the upholstery and the lettering and pin striping was done by Dustin Gall. This was a super fun bike to build. I already have 2 more in the shop to build for other people, 1 is a race style rat bobber and 1 is a cafe racer, I will have pics of them up soon.
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  1. rob says:

    Sick bike player. i love the skinny you are running on the front and rear. nice look

  2. Braundo says:

    How did you mount your seat bracket i love the way it looks.

  3. Keith Allibone says:

    I used the tc bros rear for my 70. It worked real nice. I like that seat man.

  4. Ryan says:

    Thanks a lot. That was just a seat bracket i made. It bolts to the frame like a standard bracket would, and it is welded to the bottom of the seat pan.

  5. Braundo says:

    I also have a tc bros tail and I’m a bigger guy so I’m having a hard time finding a setup that gets my ass far enough back but your setup is pefect. Could you make another one that I could buy so all I would have to do is weld it on.

  6. Ryan says:

    Yeah. email me at or call me at (530) 722-5454 and we can discuss what you need.

  7. blackwidow says:

    That bike is sick man it’s screaming oldsckool

  8. Hesh says:

    Those 21’s are rad! Cool bike!
    Anyone who likes the pedal pegs check out Baxter motorcycles. Got some cool pegs made from primo bmx pedals!
    Can’t wait to see the next build!

  9. Chris says:


    Love the bike dude,

    I just bought a 1977 xs650 and was thinking about doing the 21” front and big 18” in the rear. But f#@$ that; yours looks better man. What tires do you have and are the rims excel dirt bike rims? Where can I get them?


  10. blackwidow says:

    where did you get the rims and spokes??

  11. Ryan says:

    Thanks a lot. The rims are from pro wheel, just a cheaper version of Excel. and I had the spoked custom made from Buchannans so that I could adapt the stock hum to the 21 inch rim. The tires are Avon 21’s with whitewall paint on the sides.

  12. Chris says:

    Hey man

    The rims are 21″x what ???, my bike comes stock with 19×2.50 front and 18×3.00 rear. I would like to do the 21″front same size as yours and the the rear 18″x 3.5 or 4.25. But not sure if it will fit.

    I plan to use a TC Bros hard tail as well. But will the chain hit my tire? I’m going to use my stock hubs and have buchanans make up my wheels for me.

    Also white wall paint? never heard of that was it cheaper then buying white wall tires or just couldn’t get yours sizes. Hope you dont mind all the questions?, but some help would be great.


  13. Ryan says:

    White Wall paint because I couldn’t get the 21’s in a whitewall at the time. Rim size is 21 x 1.80. you should be able to get away with a 3.5 or 4.25 rear rim.

  14. peter dexter says:

    could u tell me wot the tank is of cheers coolbike

  15. Ryan says:

    Its just a generic reproduction gas tank that I cut the tunnel out of so it can sit lower, you can find the same tank on Ebay.

  16. Adam says:

    did you cut the front forks on this setup? or is that stock height?

  17. Ryan says:

    They are stock

  18. Wade says:

    How did you mount the footpegs & where do you get the hardware?

  19. cannonball says:

    I just welded the pedal swivels to the foot control mounts.

  20. Ruben Huante says:

    Damn, That is a good looking bike. All the proportions work well. It has such a good timely correct feel, from the Yamaha motor, bare metal tank, silver flake tuck seat etc. Plus it’s within most guys budget… although I’m sure your time i$ valuable. Damn nice job.

  21. cannonball says:

    Thanks a lot Ruben,