I found a 1978 xs on craigslist and the rest is history.

Write about your XS650.: I built a xs for a customer about a year ago and once that bike was done I knew I had to have one for myself.  I found a 1978 xs on craigslist and the rest is history. I used a TC bros hardtail for the rear, Cut the old rims apart and laced the old hubs into some new pro wheel 21 inch dirt bike rims. I wanted to go as far away from the fat tire rear end as possible, so I went as skinny as I could.noid-cimg1917

Since the bike looks like a bicycle i used some old bmx pedals i had for foot pegs. Made up some exhaust with enough kick at the ends to fire into car windows. I cut down a front fender and shortened it for the rear, as well as drilling holes down it. All the tabs have been smoothed off the fork legs, the handlebars are from a pit bike.




My buddy Doug Knoben did the upholstery and the lettering and pin striping was done by Dustin Gall. This was a super fun bike to build. I already have 2 more in the shop to build for other people, 1 is a race style rat bobber and 1 is a cafe racer, I will have pics of them up soon.
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