GRC Brass XS



This bike was originally built for a customer Jason Bell, but he shortly became a good friend.
He is very happy and so are we, cant wait to take it to the Smoke-out in a couple days. This bike is number 8 from our shop, it took roughly two months to build most of which was waiting to get it back from the powder coat shop, here in Jacksonville.

We used the wassel tank because it sat so low on the frame, he was real particular about that. The head light is actually from a sixties ford fire truck (one of the spotlights). The seat was hand tooled, the taillight was a first from AHC the first horizontal tag mount.


The front rim is a 21′ off a 2000 125kx dirt bike. The batt box is a GRC part as well are the clip on bars. Did you notice the drain exhaust pipes? They sound great!

We built this bike for a little over 4 grand, and Jason has already got plans for us to build another, i cant wait.  A lot of the ideas were his, like the water hose nozzel foot pegs, the guy has some killer ideas i think im gonna add him to the pay roll, he wired the bike himself, almost invisible.
Thanks again for the site it rocks our fave for-sure you have all of our support let me know if we can help with any thing.
One more thing the biggest tool i have is a drill press from the sixties, grinder, and a lincoln mig welder.

Thanks again for such a great site


  1. HDear says:

    Killer bike!! The exhaust tips are great!

  2. Wow, really love the look of this. What’s the stretch on that hardtail? It looks longer than usual.

  3. frank says:

    not real sure what the stretch is we built it for the guys specs in mind we had him at the shop when we mocked it up, the owner is 6ft 4 he is one tall mother. check out more of our bikes @ click pics under our logo

  4. Teebs says:

    OK, I really want to like this bike… but it just isn’t happening for me.

    I LOVE the headlight. It’s one of those little things that can really give a bike something special. I like the darkness of the bike, with a few of the brass accents it really works. But then it all goes wrong.

    The smashed fork gators look bad… really bad. And worse they are totally pointless and squashed to the point where they look like they could actually impede shock absorption… (I said “look like”.)

    What at first looks to be a brass drawer handle mounted to the side of the tank (I chuckled at myself there) is what appears to be two brass elbows with a piece of tube in between… a crude gas gauge? A reason to tack more brass onto the bike? Whatever… it ain’t pretty.

    The factory neck gusset is really nasty looking and would be a pretty simple fix. A little grinding, a couple of solid pieces of steel plate and a little welding and the front would be really cleaned up… with that much showing, it really needs work.

    The pipes should have ended where the bottom tail rails start running up to the axle plate…running past it only exaggerates the effect of the sag that already exists, making them look like an afterthought.

    Finally, other than the fact that between the long stretch and clip-ons it looks REALLY uncomfortable, that wide white wall breaks up all of the flow created by the dark coloring and brass accents… it would look better without the white.

  5. Frank GRC says:

    teebs im not sure if you read the post but the guy is 6ft 4, so it fits him perfect who cares if it looks uncomfortable your not riding it! the “drawer handle” is a fuel gauge bought from AHC, not an attempt to tack on brass, its an attempt to ride the bike longer,with fewer stops. By the comments youve made im not even sure you know what your talking about. So much for satisfying the customers, i guess i need to run all my finished bikes by you first,to get your approval. Thanks for such encouraging words…………..GRC

  6. Teebs says:

    Frank, not trying to offend you, buddy. And no, I don’t know everything about bikes. The same could be said about you.

    I read the post. With the upper stretch and the short placement of the forward controls… it looks like it would be uncomfortable.

    The comment about the fuel gauge being a door handle was a joke… that’s what it reminded me of. (Combined with all the other hardware.) It doesn’t change the fact that I think it looks like hell. You said you built the bike for a little over 4 grand and couldn’t weld the nuts on the INSIDE of the tank?

    And absolutely, you DON’T have to run anything by me, or agree with anything I say, but you did put a bike that you built up on a public forum, where you knew people would comment on it.

    This is my opinion. Which you agreed to deal with by posting pics on here. You have all of my encouragement to keep on building. I hope it works out well for you. But before you start copping an attitude, with your vast 8 builds under your belt, how about accepting some aesthetic criticism from someone who might know a little about it?

    A negative critique doesn’t ever feel great, but take whatever good you can get from it and leave the rest. Does everybody have to like your builds? And do you ever learn anything if everybody just slaps you on the back and tells you what a good job you’re doing?

    Good luck with that…

  7. Frank GRC says:


  8. Teatteetergo says:

    Hi, nice posts there 🙂 hold responsible’s concerning the compelling word

  9. Pete says:

    Wicked build. I like how the bike looks like it has a soul. The Brass n’ Black goes great. I love the modified stock foodpegs. And way to go with the streeeeeaatch. Mine is 5″ out there and fits my 6’3″ just fine. Keep up the good work!

  10. hb says:

    ive built um long an tall, short an small,
    i love um all
    its all bout what cha want
    cool chop

  11. Ted says:

    hb, you just wrote a haiku. Nice.

  12. 650bobjob says:

    I think it looks pretty tight. Not my bag, but looks tight. Those clip ons look pretty sick too. You guys build them?

  13. Frank GRC says:

    yea we make those, we can build u a set for cheap shoot an email

  14. looks like it is time for a tech post on lowering forks properly.

  15. Frank GRC says:

    thats funny i know i know he wanted it back quick i told him the side effects, it would be a cool post though.

  16. Ted says:

    Frank can you get me one of those headlights like the one this bikes rockin?

  17. Frank GRC says:

    sure thing send me an email with your shipping adress

  18. smitty says:

    frank kool build ,question,could you send me a closer pix of that headlight mounting ? i have that same light (spotlight) and would like to see other mountings suggestions thanx,Smitty

  19. Dane says:

    These pictures don’t do this bike justice. This bike looks DAMN GOOD up close.

  20. Angry John says:

    JACKSONVILLE? How is it I live in Jacksonville and I have never seen these bikes. I will be checking out your myspace because I am getting ready to attempt building an XS and I could use some local advice.

  21. blackchop says:

    i love brass and i love black. and no matter what anyone else has to say – i like your bike.
    id ride the wheels off it.
    nice style to it yet kept that rawness of a rat bike look – not all showy like. not an overkill of brass usage.

  22. frank GRC says:

    angry john give me a call 904-710-1247

  23. uncle sonny says:

    i just added you guys on myspace…now all you have to do is accept it.
    this bike and the “ladies man” are my favorites.
    i havent had any luck finding a donor bike i like… my first choice was a yama XS650 or kawasaki KZ750(twin). im about 100 miles away in Live Oak.