Update B’s 1979 Yamaha XS650



I bought this 1979 Yamaha XS650, on Craigslist for $1400.00, and I have put in about $600.00, in Wheels, tire, and mods.  This bike is running strong and looking good!bj-wheels-2

Brandon Turner


  1. Allan says:

    What size shocks are they?

  2. Brandon says:

    The shocks are 11.5″ (292mm).

    Next up: I’m chopping OFF the back end! Changing up the Tail Light setup! I’ll send picks when done!


  3. Joe says:

    hey what kinda seat did u use for it. i am making my bike basically look the same exact way lol

  4. Brandon says:

    The seat that is on the bike in the picture, is an xs650 seat that had been cut down and re-leathered! That is why it looks smaller! I’m adding a single bobber seat to the bike right now, and chopping off the back end!

  5. Ted says:

    The seat looks good man.

  6. Brandon Turner says:

    I have that seat in the picture for SALE, if anyone wants to buy it? I also have a chain guard and rear fender and tail light for sale? $25.00 for the seat and $50.00 for the fender and Tail Light!

  7. eXceSs says:

    i’m interested in the seat if you still have it – largolocker at gmail dot com

  8. Brandon Turner says:

    Yes, the seat is still for sale! I will try to send you an E-mail.

  9. joe michaelson says:

    did u end up selling that seat cuz i would be willing to purchase it off of u also.

    and what exactly did u do to the back end? and where did u get the parts from. i cant seem to find very much for this bike on the net.

  10. Brandon says:


    and the seat and tail light have sold! sorry!

    There is another post on this site somewhere, with another update and new pic’s of the back side and new seat.

  11. Brandon says:


    Here’s a link to the new pic’s of the bike!

  12. Brandon says:

    Go to Categories, then under xs 650 choper, you will find another post and pic’s of what the bike looks like now! It’s under Update again B’s 1979 xs650 bobber!

  13. Paulo says:

    Does anyone have any info for wiring this bike? My turn signals won’t work and when I switch from high beam to low beam, My bike shorts out.

  14. norm younger says:

    Nice job. clean chop