XS650: Pangea Speed Pulvarizer


wild Summer Full of Sleeping In Gutters

Describe Your XS650:
So here is a photo of my little xs650 chop i am building to promote my company Pangea Speed. I am planning on riding her from salt lake city utah to cottonwood az for the smoke out west, then from there riding out to north carolina for the smoke out east. This summer i quit my job and hit the road on a 79 gs850. I was out on the road for 3months and 13,XXXmi. It was a wild summer full of sleeping in gutters, park benches, rewiring my bike on the side of the road, i even managed to almost cut my finger off hahaha but i wouldnt have traded it for the world!!!!!!



So the bike started as a 1983 heritage special, picked it up for 600 bones with 7,XXX original miles on her. Now there isnt much left of the stock bike. Let me know what you think of the bike. I would love to hear all your input!!!!!! Ted thanks for making such a cool site.

Andy, this site just keeps getting cooler as dudes like you keep sending in pics of their SICK 650 chopps. Good luck on your summer voyage and send in some good pictures man..


  1. Weed says:

    Looking good , and a nice babe on jour bike

  2. Weed says:

    Is that your girlfriend jessica on that bike ?

  3. andy carter says:

    thanks for the positive input you guys, yeah jesica is my girlfriend she is also into bobbers and cafe racers. i will make sure to get you some pics when the bike is finished and of the smoke out trip. if you guys want to check out step by step pics / tutorials on the process of building this bike you can go to xs650chop.blogspot.com

  4. sparks says:

    wow man that a bitchin yammerhammer!

  5. Chuck says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a bad ass bobber. How tall are you?