Now to get some miles on & enjoy it..
Well the bike’s been finished & on the road a while now. So far nothings fallen off it, including me; so that’s a fairly good sign. It’s the first rigid I’ve owned & great fun to ride but by f**** you feel the pot holes. The foot pegs drag the ground on some corners but aren’t a problem so long as you,re in the right gear before you go around one; you’ll never have a cold leg either…
Otherwise it’s a good riding position. Finished it in matt black for simplicity & made in fills for the front & rear of the tank to get a better fit. Also, knocked a bit of filler out of it when this was done so I left the dents in for character.
Now to get some miles on & enjoy it..The bike’s on the road now & although only ventured out a few times is great fun to ride. The tank’s had infills at the front & rear to give it a better fit & now looks like it grew there.
As you can see from the pics the bike’s very tight, no big gaps & tiny but you don’t really notice that when you’re riding it. But pot holes & bumps you certaintly do.
The riding position’s pretty comfortable & so long as it’s in the right gear before a corner is ok as you can’t change once you’re going round it but your feet scrape a bit from time to time. Also, you’ll never have a cold left leg..
xs650-chop-xs650-chop-Yamaha XS 001
Things to do now are fit a brace to the rear mud guard as it bounces a bit, get the carbs set up & ride it. Really like the way this turned out & decided to compliment it with the next project so got a 47 Chevy
xs650-chop-xs650-chop-Yamaha XS 016
Ride on.Cheers  Ju Clayton  2010/07/jus-bobber-project-part-4