I built this bike from scratch. When I purchased it, it was basically a basket case.  I rebuilt the engine, built the jack shaft to run a 250 mm tire, molded the frame, custom paint, custom air cleaners, and my friend John “The Polisher” did a great job on polishing all the aluminum.

The frame has been raked 4 degrees and stretched 4 inches.  The front forks are ball milled and the dust caps are garage built.  The speedometer is mounted on the forks to clean up the front end.

I run an 8 cell battery to run the electric start and lights.  It is also a kick start.  The license plate bracket is made custom to the bike, with the theme of the bike.


All the forward controls are custom made in my garage.  I am currently refabricating the engine and frame.  All work in done in my garage.


The bike is one of a kind and people seem to enjoy and always ask “What is this”?  I also enjoy riding.

Submitted by John Bartos


xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana