bluesgrinder-3This is the 3rd and last time I will submit , I wanted to be thorough Ha Ha.

Frame..modified the seat hoop cut off , new tubing added for seat , shock mount , gusset changed , tank mounts , groung out frame blemished wielded and bondo and painted .

Extended swing arm 2 inches .

Led tail- brake light .

Fab rear fender.. cut 2 inches out of atrailer fender wielded and bondo work . 30 hours of alluminium polishing .

New front and rear spokes .

New front & back wheel bearings , 12 inch apes w/ wires running thru & new rubber dampers, new brake master cyl. & brake lines & rotor , HHB top engine mount new VCM carbs.

New exhust $ wrap ,Engine , rebuilt W/750 kit ,refase 277 degree cam crank , elec ingnition &  oil cooler , sparks PMA . bullet blinker , speedo . mirrors .

Thanks to John Proto for Engine work Mikes xs and TC Bros and this web site for constant inspiration !!!

Submitted by Roger Coleman

bluesgrinder-frame bluesgrinder-crank bluesgrinder-6 bluesgrinder-5 bluesgrinder-4 bluesgrinder-2 bluesgrinder-1