Sal’s Phoenix

Sal Phoenix 1

I already own a 1979 xs but wanted a winter project to keep me busy and keep my sanity through the long Connecticut winter.


So in November 2015 I picked up a non-running seized engine 1975 barn find, well actually it looked more like it was buried under a barn for 42 years. 🙂


It didn’t cost me a dime, I traded a radio control truck for it and by the look of it when I got it I’d say the guy I traded with got the better end of the deal.


After two years of working in my garage rebuilding, painting, fabricating, welding, blood, sweat and cursing the Phoenix has risen.


This was my first build and all work was done by me, rides and handles great and was so satisfying to see it complete.


Oh well, it’s August and winter will be here soon. What to do, what to do. 🙂



Submitted by Sal

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