’82 XS650 / 750

xs650-project-black-saleI have this fairly clean ’82 650 that has been bored to 750. I got this bike and the stock engine from a guy with the intention of putting this bike back to stock and building a bobber with the 750 engine and another frame I have.


My situation has changed and I have decided to sell all my XS stuff to someone who wants a project bike.


More pictures and details of the bike can be seen on Craigs List Sarasota FL.


I bought my first of 4 XS 650’s new in 1975.


Stuffed that one under a car in 1980. I love these bikes and wish I could finish a Bobber but it isn’t meant to be.


This bike is FOR SALE. Please contact xs650chopper if you are interested.


Submitted by Tom


xs650-project-black-sale-3 xs650-project-black-sale-2