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Get The XS650 Shop Manual…


I’ve had the vintage Yamaha XS650 shop manual compressed into a PDF on my hard drive for a while.. Just never got around to uploading it to the site.. until today… There is tons of great info to help you properly maintaining your ride and some cool vintage Yamaha XS 650 advertisements..

Click here to go to the download page.

Craig’s ’79 and ’81


-21 2015

’79 xs basket case

Craig – Started as a ’79 basket case, motor was painted black by previous owner. I tore the motor apart, stripped all the paint and polished it. I sent the crank and cam to Hugh to get it rephased, then I reassembled it.

I stripped the frame, welded on a Visual Impact kit and did all the body work and paint. He (Mike at Visual Impact) actually helped me out a lot with the painting process too, great guy! Everything has pretty much been gone through on this from seals to hardware.

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