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Metalflake Caferacer


-17 2015

Jeroen Quanjer – Unique café racer of course based on a Yamaha XS 650! Recently built and overhauled. Continue Reading →

1974 resto chop



Al – 1974 xs 650 bought as forgotten storage chop, purchased freshened up, pma, pamco and some fabricated stuff, 74 D1 frame , 21 and 18′ wheels 72, 308 motor, Gordon Scott Pipes, of course nothing better. Cop shop bars, vintage leather seat (original).  Ardcore rear fender. Ardcore style removable foot pegs, for motor access. my signature turn-signal on seat mounts. some of you might know the previous bikes. Continue Reading →

1982 heritage ” The Chronic”


-18 2015

I even told them i would work for free

Jaap from the Netherlands – It started with a dream where i would learn how to build bikes and eventually start my own bikeshop here in the Netherlands. I work as a cook for a few years, but that started to annoy the hell outta me. So i quit that job and collected a bunch of email adresses from some bikeshops in the area. I send them an email telling them i wanted to learn how to build some badass choppers and caferacers.

I even told them i would work for free, i just wanted to learn! There was only 1 out of a few owners that responded and he invited me over at his shop. I arrived at that shop called Short Cut Choppers based in Ede in the Netherlands and i got real excited! The shop was great and after half an hour it was clear i could start working there 2 days a week. A few months later i sold my VLX600 Shadow and bought a near mint condition 82 heritage special with the double spoked rims! I got it really cheap and after a month or so i stripped her down and hardtailed it.

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83 xs 650. the scallywag


-04 2015

Brent Keighley – My buddy was getting rid of it for a jap trap. I told him ill take it. It was an ugly green and big goofy chrome fenders. In the process of sanding it back to bare I realized I loved the way it looked. So I clear coated it and couldn’t b happier.. Continue Reading →



Fero- Continue Reading →

my 73 xs650 bobber


-02 2015

Mark Winget – Just got my bobber finished up. It has a tc bros hardtail, built well  bars and the forks are off a sportster. 82 trees with 76 legs& breaks. flake paint job with the rising sun done in lace. Took me about a year and a half to finish up do to lack of funds. Have about $1200 in it as it sits. Pretty happy how it turned out hope you all like it. Continue Reading →