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old school


-02 2015

Wayne – my build took total of 5 years to hand make or find the parts I wanted. The handle bars were maid by a friend in a machine shop from a pattern I made.. I hand cut out my forward controls linkage with a torch and grinder.. made the air cleaners.. made motor mounts and battery box.. Continue Reading →

XS 650 Heritage EZ.83 Rebuilt


-01 2015

Boneshaker – Hello one day I had the idea for a XS 650 according to my ideas to build and this is the result. XS 650 Heritage EZ.83 Rebuilt Modified rear frame for single seat, Swingarm lengthened 60mm
Spoked front with dual-mode drum brake of a Suzuki, Continue Reading →

75 bobber



Scott nye – hello yamaha junkies, i am one too, but i am no bike builder, so i had one built. Done byG&L choppers, colo springs.  what do you guys think?   Continue Reading →

Martin 80′ XS 650 Old Gray


-05 2015

Martin – this engine is totally on new on built ,cutting frame shortened fork swing arm extends ground clearance 2 inch ,itself the steering wheel and exhaust bending and welding,the fuel tank from a Harley mustang 16 liter after cutting and halvere content 8 liter after 6 months work ride this Old Gray still as a beast. Continue Reading →

The Champ


The Champ -09 2015

Kelley Runion – This is a little hotrod XS650 that was put together over 2 years with the help of my 3 sons and some good buddies. Not a whole lot of part numbers on this bike. Its been a labor of love and a learning experience for sure. Building a bike in your 2 car garage with limited tools isn’t easy but I can’t imagine running stock. This bike has a 23″ front wheel and an 18″ out back, both running dual sport rubber. The bars were inspired by one of my sons knucklehead friends who left his bmx bike laying in the driveway overnight and my headlights just happened to catch them just right and I knew right away that we had to make a set. Brass mids and highway (yeah right) pegs were turned on my buddies lathe (pays to have friends with cool tools who know how to use them…thanks Jason at Jumpstreet Customs for not shooting me when I broke your lathe). We made the exhaust short, loud and capped it off with brass caps. The rear section is an ArdCore Choppers dropped 2″ and stretched 4″. Scariest part of the build was cutting the frame in half and measuring 800 times before I welded it up. Continue Reading →



-06 2015

Hello i am luuk from holland and this was my first build bike and did the most of it at home. I didn’t sketch for how i gonna build the bike. Started whit a naked frame and tried to make it my own bike with the things i like the most. Continue Reading →