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1983 xs650 chopper


-2 2014

Ronnie – This took  4 months. My buddy Cody ,who did all the fab work, works at a shop and they would let us use all the scrap metal and tools we wanted, but after setup and cleanup that allowed us about 30 minutes a session, an hour if they stayed late. While he welded on the hardtail, made a battery box, peg mounts and a sissy bar. I tore the motor completely apart and rebuilt it with much help from forums like this and Hugh @ hhb and Pete @ pamco. It’s dirty, it’s loud, it’s got crappy paint that I did in way too much of a rush out of anticipation to ride it, but it rips. Continue Reading →



-1 2014

Travis Fahlsing – This is my 1980 XS cafe/tracker hybrid. 750 kit, pods, oopen mufflers, tracker bars, progressive springs and emulators, three discs and monza rear springs. Neck and swingarm bearings upgraded and fresh wheel bearings. Shaved off the center stand, rear pegs and numerous bbrackets. H4 headlight and led signals tucked in tight. Rebuilt bs34 with MMM kit.

Oil cooler mod and various body parts and seat from Mike’s. All paint and chrome stripes laid by hand and buried in y2k clear. Purpose built for dodging potholes and assholes on the way to work each day. “This weapons name is Charlene sir!” Continue Reading →