Month: November 2014

Beast of Burden

Nick – I started this build in the bowels of my basement, basically pointed it down my storm doors and heaved.  Worked on it for about a year and got it completely torn apart, which was nice and all until I realized it...

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Aaron 1980 XS650

Aaron – So i bought this bike from a fella in Austin TX. originally it was red. But the desire to customize it took over almost immediately. I haven’t gone too crazy though. I really wanted to just change the look...

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Standard restored 650C

Jacksdad – I imported this bike from Ohio 3 years ago, it had been stood for exactly 20 years, I had it running within 24 hours! Since then I’ve totally restored it, new piston rings, fitted a Hughs PMA kit,...

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Martin – had this a while now , call her rusty made most of the custom parts bars seat pipes etc rides great and goes like stink just rode a 160 trip and she never missed a beat.

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