-4 2014

Pedro – 1979 XS650, found this one in a barn, only had 800 miles on it. Brought her home and took it down the frame and cut the tail section off with a 4″ grinder with cut off wheel. Ordered a TC Brothers hard tail welded that on, chopped the stock pipes and wrapped them. Did the complete bike in black. Rode her a year like that and then started buying a few nice parts and repainting the tins. Currently some of the parts on the “79 Chop” are LaRosa seat, Mikes XS exhaust, TC Bros hard tail, Harley Sportser tank, GMT micro battery, stock rear fender cut to fit. Sure I’m missing something. Thinking about selling her and moving on to the next project. I live in Oklahoma and the bike has under 2k miles on it. Oh yeah she is kick start only, the way it should be!

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xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop