Month: April 2014

Joel Braxmeyers xs

Joel – The bike is a 198o xs650 handbuilt by Brett ohland owner of 2 Eight Customs, with Candle apple lace paint over a black base hand pinstripping. It was built in 2 months roughly with a 2,000-3,000 budget. The Engine...

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Tony O’Brien xs

So the project was inspired by a lot of pics on your site, and others. Being 4th 650 project I have taken on and looking to something a bit more on the “bobber” side of things.  This bike was acquired for $75. Here...

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Dale Reincarnated!

Liam – If you frequent this site and remember an article from awhile back, a beautiful XS by the name of “Dale” graced the fine pages of this website. I had the opportunity to buy it off of the very talented...

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Black and Blue XS650

Jeff Smith – Actually bought this bike in the cold of the North Winter here in Minnesota as something different than I usually do.  I have restored a few bikes including two Honda CL77 305 Scramblers, a 1973 Harley...

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