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Gangsta cycles – Lil’Slut


-3 2014

Jürgen from Germany – One day my 20-year old son Patrick Asks: Hey dad, if I get my motorcycle license, can I ride one of your chops? No son, if you want to ride my bikes, we first build up a bike together – that way you will learn to respect bikes! Silence… A few days later he was asking again and I gave him the same answer. OK well, we start talking about a possible bike for an affordable price. I showed him a few old pictures of my first custom an xs650 in 1978. Not bad, he says…lol. So we had the plan to choose the XS for the basic build-up of the Lil’Slut. Continue Reading →

Joel Braxmeyers xs


-5 2014

Joel – The bike is a 198o xs650 handbuilt by Brett ohland owner of 2 Eight Customs, with Candle apple lace paint over a black base hand pinstripping. It was built in 2 months roughly with a 2,000-3,000 budget. The Engine was powder coated black and rebuilt to stock specs, 2″ inch stretch on the frame, custom made bars, seat pan and seat cover, fender hand rolled from 20 gauge steel, custom 1.5″ exhaust that loops through the chain, the thing is a beauty and pictures dont really do it justice. Continue Reading →

Tony O’Brien xs


-1 2011

So the project was inspired by a lot of pics on your site, and others. Being 4th 650 project I have taken on and looking to something a bit more on the “bobber” side of things.  This bike was acquired for $75. Here in Minnesota the key is having a good title and known motor. Our DMV is a bit picky about these things so thats worth 75 bucks. Laying on it’s side behind a buddys garage for years I “salvaged” it.  Hmmmmm. Pretty bad. The engine was packed with….um…. ah…. well stuff… like grass growing in it stuff. Continue Reading →

Dale Reincarnated!


-1 2014

Liam – If you frequent this site and remember an article from awhile back, a beautiful XS by the name of “Dale” graced the fine pages of this website. I had the opportunity to buy it off of the very talented builder Jordan Epp as my first chopper project and had the chance to take on Dale and all the challenges he threw my way. Jordan’s version of the bike was absolutley perfect in my eyes and nothing needed to be changed aside from some mechanical kinks, but I found myself wanting to make some minor aesthetic changes which turned into some more major aesthetic changes as time went on.

In the beginning of things Dale wouldn’t charge a battery, so I would ride it for 45 minutes and constantly be checking to see if my headlight was dimming, which it usually was, which usually meant I was about to be stranded or pushing. I would put the battery on a trickle charger for a few hours each night if I was lucky enough to make it home from my ride, then the next day I’d ride it again. The bike was so fun that often I’d lose track of time, and before I knew it Dale would be calling it quits whether I was at a red light in heavy traffic, or driving in heavy traffic, or any other time (it somehow always seemed to be in heavy traffic).

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Black and Blue XS650


Black and Blue XS650-2 2014

Jeff Smith – Actually bought this bike in the cold of the North Winter here in Minnesota as something different than I usually do.  I have restored a few bikes including two Honda CL77 305 Scramblers, a 1973 Harley Davidson X90, etc etc but have never did anything a bit “different” and custom.  I have always went back to the original but this time was going to change it up to have a little more fun!  Tore the bike apart completely, sandblasted and powdercoated the whole thing including the blue parts.  Continue Reading →

2 eight customs handmade xs 650


handmade xs 650 bobber-1 2014

Brett Ohland – I pieced together a 1976 xs 650, i wanted to do a 50s style with 70s paint. The frame i made my own hardtail with a 2″ stretch. Rear fender and oil tank i made out of 18gauge sheet metal,  retunneled an original wassell tank, xs1 drum front hub laced to a 16″ rear rim and spokes on shinko 500-16 tires. Continue Reading →