Month: March 2014

John Trotter

This bike started out as a free to me low mileage 1978 special. I started by getting it running and soon tore it down to install a Tc Bros hardtail. I wanted to use as much of the original bike as I could, remember...

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Casey –  Got my 77xs 650 100% stock, did an ignition, timing, and carb tune up, and rejetted. A bearded buddy of mine and I stripped the bike, installed a Visual Impact brat kit (sick), put in the fuel sight on my alien...

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Minty Fresh and not so Clean.

Jarrett Ward – This XS comes from a time period long forgotten or at least a time period most wish to forget. That period is known as the 70’s. 1976 to be exact. Not much good coming from that time, after all it was...

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78 xs

Rich – Frame cut and contured to fit modern seat. Lowered alot. All electronics under seat and kick start only. No blinkers. HD hard bags. Great to ride. Am forever in love with the 650’s.

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long awaited results

Eric Henninger – At the age of 16 I dreamed of turning my ’73 650 yamaha into the bike in this pic.  39 years and countless bikes of all sizes and brands I finally got there… ’78 motor, TC bros hardtail....

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