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John Trotter


noid-DSCN0745-3 2014

This bike started out as a free to me low mileage 1978 special. I started by getting it running and soon tore it down to install a Tc Bros hardtail. I wanted to use as much of the original bike as I could, remember “cheap”! lol! Continue Reading →



-2 2014Casey –  Got my 77xs 650 100% stock, did an ignition, timing, and carb tune up, and rejetted. A bearded buddy of mine and I stripped the bike, installed a Visual Impact brat kit (sick), put in the fuel sight on my alien tank, slapped some paint on it.

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Minty Fresh and not so Clean.


noid-IMG_3083-3 2014

Jarrett Ward – This XS comes from a time period long forgotten or at least a time period most wish to forget. That period is known as the 70’s. 1976 to be exact. Not much good coming from that time, after all it was the year of the first Son of Sam attacks and Fidel Castro became president of Cuba. Not a good start. Luckily, the U.S. Mint introduced the $2.00 bill and it was America’s Bicentennial. Oh yeah, not to mention Yamaha made this treat of a machine you see before you. Continue Reading →

78 xs


image-3 2014

Rich – Frame cut and contured to fit modern seat. Lowered alot. All electronics under seat and kick start only. No blinkers. HD hard bags. Great to ride. Am forever in love with the 650’s. Continue Reading →

long awaited results


noid-Finished_Project-2 2014

Eric Henninger – At the age of 16 I dreamed of turning my ’73 650 yamaha into the bike in this pic.  39 years and countless bikes of all sizes and brands I finally got there… ’78 motor, TC bros hardtail. 80’s aluminum rims with new tires, TC Bros. forward controls and control rods, neck bearings, brake pivot, rear fender and seat.  Lowbrow customs fuel tank. everything else came from old bikes, swap meets and dumpsters. small parts and brackets I fabricated in my basement.  everything that could be bead blasted and powder coated was. Small fortune spent in chrome acorn nuts.  90 hours labor over a 6 month period. In my opinion the bike is proportionately correct.  good lines and solid chopper profile. Its the look I was after. Hope you like it! Continue Reading →

My First Build, EVER.


noid-2013-06-23_19.31.58-1 2014

Rowland Marshall – So I had been holding out for a Harley since I was 14. I had come close a few times but something always got in the way, so finally my buddy said I could ride his XS650 if we got it running. I started doing some homework and fell in love with what some of you were doing with these bikes so I figured what the hell. And here it is. Continue Reading →