Top 10 Most Viewed Posts in 2013

Here is a round up of the top 10 most viewed posts in the year of 2013. These were the bikes that receive the most page views during 2013. Some of the xs650s were posted in earlier years but got quite a bit attention and page views during 2013.  It’s cool to see what bubbles up to the top each year.

The Raw and simple out of Austin, TX made the top of the list with the most page views AND total number of comments.  It’s one of those bikes that people either really love or hate. The photography quality is pretty decent which I think contributes to it being one of the most viewed posts. Raw and simple also generated some great discussion. One of my personal favorite is jason harrills xs650 with its brass pieces.

10 most viewed posts of 2013


It’s really awesome to see what guys are able to build with the Yamaha xs650 platform. Anybody who decides to build on the platform starts with the same basic bike; Yet no XS650 on this site look exactly the same.

And for We will be making some small changes and improvements to the site in the coming year. Plan to keep the site running smoothly and continue to post up sick xs650 choppers –  as long as you guys continue to send in the pictures. So if you are working on a xs650 take some high quality pictures when you’re finished and send them in. If you enjoyed the site help keep it going by sending in your bad ass bikes.