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Tight Squeeze


image-2 2014

Jamie – The bike is called Tight Squeeze, I’ve had it for four years. It’s a G&L hardtail section, four inch stretch. Paint was done by Garnet Brhule in Orillia Ontaro.  The seat was upholstered by Erdody custom seats, he does awesome work. Have to thank Gary Sawatzky for letting me use his welder and teaching me how to use it and giving me motivation. On to the next one. Continue Reading →

Tangerine Dream


photo 1 2014

John – In the past I have built cars and dragsters. I bought this bike from a friend for a very low price….it had been sitting in a garage for 5 years.  When I started working on it I found there was still gas in the tank, it turned to varnish.  I cleaned the tank and carbs and got the bike running. I drove it that summer all stock. I had to have open heart surgery so I was unable to race my dragster that year so I decided to chop the bike.  The bike is a 1977 xs650…. has been stretched 5″, 200 mm tire on back, a 110 tire on front, Avon Cobra, the top end is all rebuilt, new rings, and a valve job.

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Brat built In Britain by a Zimbabwean


noid-z5 2014

Japanese brat built In Britain by a Zimbabwean

Hey! I got my first learner bike 2 years ago and got my full licence about 8 months ago.  I always wanted an XS650 and found one on Ebay 2 1/2 months ago (1981 Custom).  My first build is now complete.

All work was complete by myself apart from paint and final weld on the visual impact kit once cut and aligned.  The kick start nearly broke my leg after the first few kicks post build.  I believe it was the timing that was out. I have switched from the 8″ inch risers to the flat bars now which make for a much more fun ride.  THIS SITE has helped me no end and I am proud of what I have achieved with no previous background knowledge.  Thank you to all those who have shared their knowledge. Continue Reading →

Ramy’s XS 650 Bobber



Ramy- XS650 build in progress. I bought  this bike from a junk shop. It was just laying there waiting for someone to take care of it. Wider back rim with mono shock mod to back end. Continue Reading →

74 street tracker


IMG_9743 2014

Quinn – I bought three non running basket case xs650’s for $1050 ( a 72, 74 and 79). I had owned and ridden bikes for years but never did any of the the work myself – these bikes changed all of that. The 74′ motor was shot but the 79 still kicked over. The problem was the 79 had a lot of back fees with the CA DMV. So I used the 74 frame and the transplanted the 79 motor. I bought the seat pan and the tank  (“750 Champion”) from Omars along with the rear hub assembly which allowed me to run the 19” wheel out back to match the front – both on Avon Roadriders.  Continue Reading →

Jay Arnsperger xs



Jay  – I bought this bike about 2 years ago, Wasn’t running and in poor stock condition but only had 7000 miles on it. I got it running in a couple of hours. From there I dismantled the whole bike but didn’t have do anything internally to the engine except all new gaskets and seals. I welded on a 4” stretched hard tail with a 2” dropped seat. Every piece of hardware is either chrome or polished stainless steel. Continue Reading →