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Ben’s new build, “The 23”



Ben – My new build is centered around 23″ rims.  This was inspired by the ‘Board tracker update‘ post on this site.  I loved the look of two 23″ rims and a leafer front fork.  So I started the search for rims and began gathering little bits and pieces for my build.  I started the bike in November of 2012 and finished it in late June of 2013.  Not bad for being broke and a full time student.  My wife bought me a David Bird looped hard tail for a Christmas present, so I ordered it 3″ drop and 6″ stretch.  I’ve always been a fan of the Fong Brother’s frames where they keep the swing arm bracing on the stock frame.  So I worked that into the frame mods as well.   Continue Reading →

81 Undone daily



Vinny – Searched this one out in the depths of North Dakota.  My folks delivered it to me in Montana late fall.  Rolled it stock for a few weeks, majority of the build happened in my small ass laundry room and back porch.  Have a little shop space for this winter so I’ll mount my seven metals fender, make a new seat pan and have it upholstered pro fessional style, rewire and relocate the battery, new front brake line, headlight  and mount. Continue Reading →

81′ Dropseat – Pain In The Ass



Adrian – So here is the bane of my existence and the love of my life. I got it already in non stock shape. I rode freestyle bmx bikes for about 15 years and I wanted to pay my respects with this build. Pretty much everything except for the bars was an attempt to make me feel like I was on a 20″. I coated the stock hubs and wired them to some Moose Racing rims, both 19′ for that uniform look. The dropseat gives me the feeling of a slammed bmx saddle. I chopped the axle plates and beveled off the ends of the stays to look like my bmx bike. Then I tried to incorporate as many bmx parts onto the bike as I could. A lot of builds use a bmx pedal for a kicker. I went the extra step with a Profile crank arm. I also managed to use a half link chain for my brake linkage. My good friend Mr. Rich of T1 bikes provided me with a sprocket, some foot pegs, and some grips. That talented coffee connoisseur also gets the credit for these photos (taken on the T1 ramps). Pretty much everything else was custom fabricated or at least fucked with. Tried to keep everything simple. Frame ground clean. Forks ground clean and coated. Simple headlight. Nice sweeping boardtrack style bars. I wired the bike inside the frame where possible. Tidy battery/elec box. Sprung skateboard wheel chain tensioner. The emblem on the fender struts is my mix between a yin yang and a cancer symbol. I made that out of square stock and a talented blacksmith by the name of Brady Foster got it to fit the convex of the fender. That was a bitch. Continue Reading →

The spark that starts the fire.



James Tetzloff – This is a 1979 xs650. This is the bike that started my love for bikes. Broom stick handle bars, mini speedo, wrapped pipes are a few of the things that I have added recently. It may be over 30 years old but she runs great and fires up with in the first two kicks every time. My buddys and I are building bike for fun and have a few waiting to be tore down, all thank to this beauty. Continue Reading →

Stefan’s – ground up



Stefan – I build a new xs650 ground up chopper. last Winter.
Fabbed the frame & Front end. Pipes. Bars. Sissy. Controls ext. Continue Reading →

William Feil – xs650



William Feil – My Wife, Jess and I bought a bone stock 79 XS650SF ten months ago. We did all the work ourselves, except powder coating, in the garage on weekends and nights. We learned a lot, still are learning, and the ride was well worth the work.

The details….The frame was modified with a Visual Impact brat kit and then powder coated Misty Copper mixed with a little gold flake. the Tins are a T100 tank and 7 Metal West brass fender painted by Jess using Little Daddy Roth spray can products, Sublime green base, flake, Silver base for the lace work, all covered in Sublime green candy. The seat was designed by Jess and Rick of Flue delis leather turned out a masterpiece. Continue Reading →