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Stefan’s narrow xs chop.



72 Xs650.
Early 70′ narrow front end.
Chopped up. Raked. 3″ streched original frame.
21″ spool hub front.
16″ stock rear.
Sizzy, Controls stainless steel. Continue Reading →

Jon Helm – 1977 XS Chopper



Here’s some pictures of my 1977 XS Chopper. I used a TC Bros Hardtail, Hugh’s Handbuilt PMA kit, Pamco ignition, Mike’s XS carbs, Pandemonium exhaust as well as a frisco style tank, hand controls and a lot of other misc parts from MPLS Cycle Supply. The image of this bike has been in my head for a long time so it was a lot of fun to finally put it together. Continue Reading →

Xs650 Tracker – Counter Balance Cycles


Chris Xs 650 004-xs650

Worked with a customer on this bike who became a friend.  Started with a 78 xs 650 that I had been planning on building.  He wanted his first bike and I wanted to build another.  So we got started talking about what he wanted and what kind of style and colors he wanted. Continue Reading →

78 XS650 Sand Dragster Bobber



Noel Smith – I’m a photographer at the Dirt 300 and wanted to Race and thought anyone can go out and get a dirt bike to race But I wanted something different so I bought a crashed 78 XS650 Bobbed it (2″ longer than stock)got a peanut tank, a kawi kick stand that was 4″to long cut it down ,purchased the foot peg brackets and brake ass. from a hurricane used the rear buddy pegs. Continue Reading →

81 Xs650…..StreetSweeper!!!!



Naters – Hey fellas, Wanted to share a couple pictures of my XS I built with the help of a few friends in Portland Oregon! I Bought the bike from a guy off craigslist for 800 bucks!…The bike had a burnt valve but would still start up and run, guess it was a tough sumbitch! With the help of Don Paulson we installed a Hardtail and from there I had something to work with! I went ahead and rebuilt the top end, added a set of Gordon Scott curved drags, new set of Mikunis and a coat of paint! Continue Reading →




Mark Pruitt – So the journey began as pieces and parts that were laying around the shop. The engine had sat under the welding table for 5 yrs with out plugs in it. A complete tear down was the only insurance that there was no metal in it. The original plan was to put this engine in my cafe bike after the rebuild but as all plans go, they change. 707 big bore, shell cam, mikuni vm round slides, xs pod filters. Continue Reading →