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1981 XS650 Bobber/Streetfighter



Justin Juencke – I bought this 1981 XS650 about 7 months ago. The rigid frame conversion had already been done. When I got it home I went through all of the wiring and converted it to an electronic ignition. Then I took for a couple rides and noticed that the fuel tank had started to leak. So I went on Lowbrowcutoms and found the P-nut tank and a nice Bates Style rear fender. Continue Reading →

Jimmy Dirtnap’s Re-Phased 750



Jimmy – By 1867, just 18 years after opening, the cemetery was just about full.  An average of 1100 burials had taken place each year, or about 21 every week.  By the mid 1860s the problems of bodies close to the surface, open graves and seeping water saw a growing agitation for its closure. Neighbouring businesses complained of maggots and blowflies coming from the cemetery.  After heavy rain, the ground appeared to disgorge maggots – a stark reminder of the mortality of humans and the corruption that followed death, and an indication of the shallow depth of some of the graves.

On cold mornings a sickly damp mist hung just above the ground, while on hot summer days you could barely walk past it without a cloth over the mouth and nose. Continue Reading →




“Ophelia”~ She may not be to pretty, but she’s a hell of  a ride!

William – This is a 1979 XS650 affectionately known as “Ophelia.” She has a TC Brothers hard tail kit, a stripped bare frame and tank. The tank, chain tensioner and sprung seat from Monstercraftman. The headlight and bars are unknown and used from a pile of parts. The mids are used rear sets from a GSXR750 racebike (I think). The pipes are welded from a universal kit. Continue Reading →

812 bobber



Layn Hamilton – Hey there well I completed another bike. you may remember the METAMORPHISIZED 81 CHOPPER (ANGEL CHASER).

Well here is the 812  Bobber. I just sold. Many new parts many hand made parts including the brat styled conversion I made myself. Continue Reading →

Jack’s Pegasus 650 Speedwing



Jack Gilbert – This is my customized 1976 XS650C. I bought the bike last summer as a derelict with no front end.  It was a rusty heap but I knew it had great potential.  I used a TC Brothers weld-on hard tail to transform the frame and a lot of parts from Mike’s XS to build a bike that pays tribute to the early British bikes, like the 1948 Triumph Speed Twin.   Continue Reading →

Hayden’s XS 650



Jason Hayden – I picked this 1979 XS650 up a couple of years ago coming back from a beach vacation.  Decided to take the back roads home and saw it in a front yard with a for sale sign. I don’t Think I’ve of could gotten any luckier. Now I’m working on another one and decided to give this one to my lil man so he can ride it to school. What could be cooler then riding this sweet azz bike to high school?