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my dearest peeve



ulf rickard harrysson – My xs650se us-custom 1980, transformed into …? too much blood, sweat and tears to get rid of this bittersweet bike. i’ll keep it forever!

Blues Grinder



Roger coleman –  I’ve owned this bike since 1996. Its a1978xs650E.I found xs650 chopper ayear ago.I got tired of it bracking down and decided with inspiration from this site to rebuild redo as much as I could.

This is my 1st build,the motor went to performance cycle,bored out newpistons,rings,seals,pamco ingition,Sparks PMA 3 phase(its so powerfull it started w/a dead battery)Tore the frameall the way down hrs grinding all the factory wield and deforms. Continue Reading →

Golden Brown



Peet – I bought this bike for about 2 years. It was black powder coated and not my thing. So i bought a old 19 inch spoolhub frontwheel with a speedmaster on it and shaved the fork.Put a Wassel peanut on placed Moondiscs in the rear wheel. Continue Reading →

My Contribution (El-Chingon)



Robert – Here is my contribution for the love of the XS. This is my first bike ever. I have never owned one. I thought one day ” I want to build a bike”. This is what came of that.

It rides great! I just did 93mph. Almost a TON! All she would do.  Continue Reading →

Xs650 cafe tracker


cafe tracker

Steve Baugrud- This started out as a 1981 xs650 special that I picked up for $150. Complete tear down was done and engine was rebuilt. Jugs, cases, and all engine parts were vapor blasted then several parts were powder coated. Forks were lowered and rebuilt. Tracker style exhaust is a gordon Scott engineering one- off.
Tank is from a 1977 xs750 with dual pingel petcocks. Frame was de- tabbed of all extraneous extras and powder coated as well. Stock mag wheels were powder coate and have Avon tires. Clip ons are tarozzi. Seat was hand hammered out by Ian at twinline customs and bodywork was painted silver flake with HOK lime gold kandy and black Kenny Roberts style stripes. Hidden half moon LED taillight. Upholstery by new church moto, aka ginger McCabe

Thanks for looking.

72′ Skinny Chop



Andrew Clarke – The chop ive built started out as a 72′ engine, a 72′ frame, and a beer bucket of random nuts and bolts. This was the first bike ive built from just a frame and motor. At the time, all i cared about was finding a motor that wasn’t seized, and a frame with a title. I have sourced, or hand made everything else on this bike with the help of a couple good friends. This has been an on and off project for about 2 years now, working on it for a few days here and there, getting distracted with something else or losing interest, resulting in it sitting in the corner for months. Within the last few months, ive gotten a real push to finish it, but that wasnt without ALOT of trouble and fighting. There have been a few times lately where i almost through in the towel and lit a match, seriously. Continue Reading →