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Larry’s nickel plated XS650



Got this ’75 XS650B as a non-runner for cheap. This is my first attempt at a rebuild of a motorcycle, though I have worked on lots of cars. The good thing is that it must have been stored indoors because none of the bolts were frozen with rust, but the bad thing is when I took the head off, there was a hole the size of a quarter through one piston head, and a smaller one on the other. Lots of metal bits in the crankcase. Thanks to the guys at T & D Machine shop in Kenmore WA, for bead blasting, milling, boring, fitting the new oversize pistons and seating the new valves. Continue Reading →

Swedish Dan’s ’81 brat



Daniel Jordy – Hey guys, finally got my thumb out and posted the pictures of the finished build up here. First off, thanks for an amazing site. Some of you might recognize this build as i posted some pictures of the progress in january this year, when the build was on hold due to me living in winter paradise.

Well, here she is, all in all, it took me 2.5 months, where during the first one i was working full time elsewhere, but on the remaining 1.5 i worked night and day to finish her and get her inspected for road safety. I had to get it done before i left for an island called Gotland here in Sweden for work. Needles to say, it was tight. I put the last bolt on the same day as inspection, and next day I took it on the road 400kms toward the ferry. And she held up.. sort of.

This is my first build, ever. OK, I did do a swing bike the year before, but thats it. I had no knowledge in welding or fabrication prior to this. I live on a farm and my dad was nice enough to let me spread my life in his workshop, and he showed me the basics of MIG welding.

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1980 650 motor, about a 9 month project. My goal was to have a bike that looked good and would perform in tip-top condition.
The new carbs, throttle, clutch, cables, seals, gaskets, brakes, battery, rebuilt forks, sprockets, filters, etc really make this bike bulletproof. the motor was strong when i bought it but it leaked badly. the motor purrs at any speed. i was surprised at how great the exhaust sounded as well. not too loud, a nice low pitched rumble. Continue Reading →

Golden Spike xs650



Engine, year and make, model, modifications:  1980 XS650 stock engine (rejetted BS34 carbs) Frame:  Shaved stock front loop, with a custom (zero stretch) rear section by me. Stock rake. Fork:  CB750K forks (shaved) and lowered 2” Continue Reading →

mid life crisis



This started as a bare frame given to me by my best friend, its a 79 with a Pandemonium Hard Tail. Then i added a battary box headlight mount font and rear Brembo brake kits and Yamama exhaust.

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77′ Resto/Mod



1977 resto/mod daily rider.  took 2″ off top of seat foam and reused seat cover,  1.5″ out of center stand,  10.5″ rear shocks honda copies,  chromed front fork lowers,  aftermarket os front brake rotor, cocktail shakers current,  still have headlight to mount (will get rid of ears),  and new tail light that will be side mounted.  Continue Reading →