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’81 Bobber Project



Todd – Bought in Dec. 2012. Project was already started. Hard tail was welded on, and new wheels, tires, and DNA springer all came with it. Continue Reading →

1980 Ode To a Bratstyle



Tala – This is my first Yamaha XS650 build, I bought it in stock form, barely running trucked it home, cleaned the carbs (BS34s) changed the oil to some really thick diesel weight and rode it over to the Alberta registries to make it legal. Next step was tear down and cut off the rear end. Because I live in Alberta Canada the roads are shit so I wanted to make a Bobber that I can ride without destroying my back, thus the Japanese Bratstyle. Continue Reading →

Help Hughs handbuilt



HHB had a massive flood in his shop and lost inventory and his office. Here’s a link with lots of pictures where you can check out the carnage.

If you’d like to support Hugh you can donate

And Jon from monstercraftsman is selling T-shirts – All proceeds will go to Hughs. Anybody who has had their feet kicked out from under them knows how much it sucks –  Running a small business can be a BITCH.