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79′ xs650 the “Midori Bomb”



Jesse forbes – The Midori Bomb (green in Japanese)… 8 years ago an idea came to mind while having a conversation with a fellow Airmen 6,000 miles away from home in a desert know as QATAR.  We shared a passion for wrench spinning and spent long days in the hot desert (140 degrees on the flightline) of maintaining aircraft talking about motorcycles and cars where our real interest lies back at home.  This cool kid knew about the Japanese style bobbers and choppers and began to enlighten me of other cool two wheeled machines that existed other than the v-twin Harley.. Continue Reading →

Rick’s xs650 Hot Rod Chopper



Rick Nelson – So it all started a little over a year ago when I came across a dirt cheap xs650 on craigslist. The bike was completely dissassembled and in boxes but the price was right and I had no intention of using most of the stock parts anyway. The bike spent the next year under my workbench collecting dust as I struggled to choose a direction for the build.Somewhere during this time I stumbled across the TCU biker build off threads and I decided that the bike was going to be my donor for just such an event. Continue Reading →

The “Funk Smuggler”



Born In Japan / Chopped in America

Jay Hetfield – I picked up this bike from a local Craigslist ad. It was a frame (no title) and a box of parts…like 8 boxes, yea the engine was completely torn down. But for 100 bucks I didnt really care. Flash forward a few months and this is where I’m at. I’ve been slammed at my shop, the response to may parts and work has been amazing. Thanks to all who have supported me and JumpStreet!!!! Continue Reading →

The Goldfish



“The Goldfish” Yamaha XS650 built by the DoZer out of the Ukrainian.

My name is Dozer, my workshop is in Kiev, Ukraine. I have long dreamed of a motorcycle with an XS650 engine. This engine, wheels, and some parts, I bought in America. The Frame, handlebars, “oil tank”, were all  produced in my workshop, The gas tank is from a  java, and the front fork is a IZ planeta sport. Head lamp TT&CO. The front end was taken from another eastern motorcycle – the Russian IZ Planeta Sport.  Continue Reading →




Mike – 1983 XS650 build in progress.Front end R6 forks with four leading shoe drum brakes.Wider back rim with mono shock mod to back end.Foot pegs brake and gear levers from Ducati. Continue Reading →

Hippie Big Bang Theory



Vehvis – This build started as I had a little extra time during summer (no I didn´t, that was a lie). I figured I´d finally build that big bang motor I had been planning for years. I had this chopper XS which some of you might remember the hippie-xs-from-finland and I was just gonna throw the big banger into that and call it done. Of course we all know it´s not that simple. It never is. I had almost completed the motor years ago, having put lots of good parts in it, and now it was just modifying the camshaft and putting it all together. Well, modifying a camshaft can be a real pain in the butt! Breaking the shaft in halves wasn´t that hard, but welding it back together isn´t quite as simple as it sounds. Having tried different approaches with tig welding, always ending up with bending and broken welds, I asked my friend Juice to weld it with a stick. A good pre- and after heating was needed, but the shaft proofed to be ok for welding. Only very minor bending occurred, and after balancing it was ready to be installed. I assembled the engine without any issues, and was ready to roll.

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