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PATS 650



PATS – The one thing I wish I had on this bike is studded tires for winter riding. Continue Reading →

Sargent Ts Green Machine



Ken – This was a build I did in the winter of 11-12 and was a gift to my brother whom had served 22 years in the military. I co-worsted family and friends to help fund the build and as a way to say thank you for your time of service. Tom is the brother who got the bike and are two other brothers really help to pay the way. A special thanks to Donnie Blackwolf for lots of help and many of late nights. Continue Reading →

Homebuilt Budget XS650 Update



Griz – My first post was back in February 2012/02/homebuilt-budget-xs650 so I figured it was time for an update. While she wasn’t done by Spring, and isn’t done yet, she’s a few steps away from her maiden voyage. There just isn’t enough time to get the work done that we want to get done. My Dad and I held off on the foot clutch/hand-shift combo, again, due to lack of time to work on the bike. I plan on fabbing that up over winter when I’ll be tearing it down for paint and a motor rebuild anyways. Currently I’m really close to the $1000 budget and will be going over it a little for the sake of reliability. Still, not bad for a grand. Continue Reading →

TC Bros. “Holey Roller”



Here is the latest xs650 by the TC Bros. The bike’s name is “Holey Roller” for obvious reasons. There are a shit-ton of speed holes drilled throughout the bike including a couple of large holes through the side of the gas tank. Check it out.. Continue Reading →

Nates 83 Heritage



Nate – Here it is finally! Lot’s of time in the garage and more beers than I care to mention. Powder coat frame,wheels, shaved legs, all new bearings, monster craftsman risers, Pandamonium pipes, Tc Bros hardtail,wiring harness, bat box, controls, tank (a sporty, of course).These guys are great and helped a lot. All fab done by myself and my Lincoln. Continue Reading →

1982 XS 650 Brass Master



Arthur – This is my first attempt at building a bike. Came across this 1982 heritage special and decided to take a sawzall to it. All of the work on the bike has been dome by me except the paint on the tank, frame and fenders, rest of the parts are powder coated. Hard tail is made by TC bros. Continue Reading →