Wargasser Style Xs650

Sherm – I Purchased this bike 2.5 years ago for $550. It needed alot of work and was missing a bunch of parts. I wanted to make this bike super short and super skinny so we decided to make our own hardtail section to achieve those specs. Alot of the parts for this bike were purchased from wargasser speed shop, Pretty much the whole front end is all from W/G, super narrow trees, shaved fork legs, w/g wheel, and w/g headlight. This was my first bike build and was a great learning experience for me. Cant wait till i start my next build.

The bike rides very smooth and very fast. It’s got a 4 piston brembo caliper in the rear which makes it stop great for not having a front brake. As I mentioned before the bike has a lot of wargasser parts on it.  Alot of the parts on the bike are harley/wargasser parts. Here is a small list of the parts that are on the bike. Wargasser Super Narrow 35mm Triple Trees, Wargasser Headlight, Wargasser Harley Shaved Legs, Wargasser Wheels front and rear. Wargasser Gas Cap.

This bike is super skinny and and super short which makes is super fun to ride and super easy to split lanes.This build took me 2years to complete and was a complete pile of crap when I purchased it. Most of the fab work was all hand made including the hardtail section.

Basic info on the wargasser shop: wargasser is a Chopper Parts and Fab Shop. Mostly work on choppers but do some work on newer harleys. We are located in southern cali. Our parts are available on www.wargasser.com and all the parts seen on this xs are available on the website.

Sherm Baltayan


  1. Phill Kenoyer says:

    This is a great bike!

    I’ve emailed you before and got my spool and spokes from Wargasser.

    I’m working on having a narrow tripple tree made for XS forks and a new frame built off my neck. I hope to be finished up by spring so I can start riding the heck out of my bike.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. herman says:


  3. tadd442 says:

    great lines!
    Love it!

  4. Grumpy says:

    NICE!!!!! Old Skool………….

  5. dex82 says:

    gotta loooooove a p-nut tank. handlebars are cool. not big on super narrow front ends with long forks, but that’s a personal preference thing. she looks really good overall, nice lines on the hardtail

  6. Jeff says:

    Rad bike!Without upper engine mount how is vibration?Wargasser parts look mean.Love ur headlamp.Killer scoot.

  7. PlugHead says:

    This bike is sick and looks like it would be fun as hell to ride. Congrats.

  8. dex82 says:

    jeff, mine has no top motor mount, like this bike, (p-nut tank gets in the way unless you mount it higher) and no vibration issues, just a nice, comfy little buzz. i assume because the crank and front sprocket are sort of surrounded by four other mounts, that helps…….i dunno. i have an old shovelhead, too, that i’d never try something like that on, cuz you really need that mount at the top, but seems to work with the xs. ‘course, maybe the engine will fall out next time i ride her……………………

  9. Barney says:

    My first impression when i saw this bike was that it looked like the TC Bros Blue Collar Bobber on crack. The bike looks pretty raked out for being short. I would slam that front end down.

  10. Austen says:

    Really nice bike apart from the front end, Hate the bars

  11. GUY says:


  12. El Gaucho says:

    CLEAN! Never a fan of no front brake, as the rear tire will always be the limiting factor. But I could be persuaded to cruise that one……

  13. Tebo says:

    Groovy, Sherm! Great ’70s, stretched chopper old-school look. I really don’t know which is better, your skinny scooter, or your camera work. Both are excellent!

  14. steven burris says:


  15. pickles says:

    Slick, clean, and badass! Love this bike!

  16. Matt Dunn says:

    Great Bike! Love the seat.manufactured? Or you make it?

  17. CruzBoos says:

    You’re onto something with her. She has the good looks but her posture is a bit out of wack. Looking at her neck gets me wishing that it was a little longer and with a little more angle to it. If it wasn’t for that you wouldn’t have to put a block under the side stand. I’m guessing that she may be a little rough but you know how to handle her.

  18. reid says:

    What is the rear tire