Just another amature bobber build!


My name is Larry Kitchens, I’m a steel fabricator at Howser Steel Inc. in Portland OR. Being a fabricator and motorcycle enthusiast, Ive been repairing, fabricating/customizing parts for myself and friends as well as riding motorcycles most of my life. So I decided to build one of my own, searching Craig’s List I was able to obtain a truck load of 1980 XS650 parts for $500, and here is what I came up with…


After cutting and sanding off all the unnecessary frame parts, I re-gusseted the head and welded on a TC Bros hard tail, I welded a new channel in to the after market tank lowering it 2 1/2″ to create a smoother line, also shaped the fender out of a aftermarket fender blank. The drag solo seat I suspended with a Fox Vanilla rear Mt. bike shock (Plush)…



Parts I fabricated, drag bars out of 1 1/8″ tubing with 7/8″ inserts at ends to accept throttle and levers, upper fork covers, fake oil tank/electrical box, battery box and cover, axle stays, foot controls, tail light/license plate mount, exhaust, kick start peddle…



All stock parts are new or rebuilt and resealed, the frame, forks, wheels and accessories have been sand blasted and powder coated. The Machine work was done by David Bright, the tank and fender was painted by Jim Skinner and pin stripping was done by Mitch Kim…

a2012-xs-rear-wheel a2012-xs650-rear-veiw

Thanks – Larry Kitchens


  1. wildwang83 says:

    Thats is one BAD mug. Good work ol’ chap. A ride to ride with pride.

  2. fanoboss says:

    I can’t understand why we are seeing these bikes that were put together in 10 minutes …Jokin’, this is bad-azz’d

  3. philip beecher says:

    great looking bike, i would like to own,is it for sale,how much ???

  4. Rusty Nail says:

    That is beautiful, you have a great eye for detail and clearly know how to finish a project properly. I hope you produce more works of art like this in the near future.
    best regards – Rusty

  5. Julián Canon says:

    I’d love to have more HD pics, and more tech data. This is a pro-job worth publishing….From the handlebars to the fender, your aesthetic taste is remarkable….!!

  6. mookie says:

    well done sir.that fork treatment is one of many stand out features-

  7. pickles says:

    The devil is in the details, and with this one there a plenty! The kicker, pipes, and forks are killer! Awesome build!

  8. Jeff says:

    All around fantastic.

  9. Ratzass714 says:

    Beautiful! Everything just flows together. I love it all, especially the paint scheme and exhaust. I would rather have this bike than a brand new anything.

  10. Fatbob says:

    NICE! VERY NICE! Just F***ing nice. ‘Nuff said.

  11. Ben says:

    Very nice. Were you able to use the top engine mount with the lowered tank? I was contimplating the axe tank myself, but don’t like the frisco look. I like what you did with this one. Love the kickstart lever also.

  12. Kev says:

    One of the top, thanks for posting.

  13. Larry Kitchens says:

    Sorry Philip its not for sale … Not yet any way !

  14. Larry Kitchens says:

    Thank you Rusty… Yes, more bikes to come, im currently building a bobber for a cusomer in Vancouve Wa. We are also building a 1974 Xs650 street tracker a 1974 Rd250 cafe and a 1967 BSA bobber and we are set up now to build our own frames… So good stuff coming soon…

  15. Ross says:

    Love the forks, they look bad ass. What are they from?

  16. Larry Kitchens says:

    Hey Ross… Stock XS forks shaved powder coated and upper fork covers that i fabbed up and had powder coated black… The upper cover throw people off…

  17. jo says:

    nice build ,like the paint. I had a friend from Portland who would build alot of xs650 frame’s back in the day,his name was Kurt Fowler, that ring a bell?

  18. Debo says:

    Whats the deal with the oil tank? it looks like the chain runs right thru it.
    And,is it true what they say about guys from Vancouver?
    Good job Larry.

  19. Larry Kitchens says:

    Yes Ben the top mount is still there, I welded the two brackets on each side, eliminating the bolt that holds them together, that way the tank could drop to 1/8 of an inch above the horizontal step of the bracket. Also increased the width of the tunnel about a 1/4 inch to clear the top two bolts…

  20. debo says:

    This David Bright guy sounds interesting. What can you tell me about him?
    Also, I noticed that you omitted Larry Carlson for the shirtless back rub credits?
    WTF? 😉

  21. Larry Kitchens says:

    Good eye Debo, the chain runs through a channel in the fake oil/electrical tank…

  22. Larry Kitchens says:

    haha ! David is not only a talented machinist, but one of my best friends, even tho he rides a BSA… As far as Larry Carlson goes, we need to build him a bike !!!

  23. Ross says:

    Deffinetly look like different forks. great work.

  24. yamahachop says:

    Nicely done bike!! Is that a spin on oil filter?and where did you get it? thanks

  25. El Gaucho says:

    DUDE! I love the tank and fender. Besides the nice paint, the shape of the tank is perfect and that rear fender is fresh. Not too often you see a full-ish rear fender on a 130 tire, but you, sir, have pulled it off nicely. Digging the pipes and fork covers too…..

  26. RJ from the ole school says:

    Here lately I am seeing photos of beter than average builds,,,,looks like I finally stumbled onto a worth while past time,,,,I have finally finished my tracker and it looks TOLERABLE and runs OK too,,,,,,really like this site,,,,EVERYBODY keep building these old YAMS and put em out on the road,,,the world needs more vintage bikes doin the scene,,,,we need a lot more XS650 cafe racers as well,,,I’d like to see modern day ROCKERS and TON UP riders come back to life in America as it use to be in Britain in the 60’s…..nothing against Harleys and Wingers but there must be more to biking than ride to eat with a darn TEDDY bear straped to your fender,,,,and look at the 3-wheel rage,,,,WHAT’S WITH THAT!

  27. Larry Kitchens says:

    Hey Chop… Its bolt on, bought it at Mikesxs.com…

  28. Dan says:

    What tank is that? I like it!

  29. Larry Kitchens says:

    Hey Dan, its the 2.2 Axed tank, modified slightly from its original version…

  30. Larry Kitchens says:

    thank you Juli’an… Are you with a publication ?

  31. Larry Kitchens says:

    Sure dosnt Jo, My friends may know of him…

  32. Julian Canon says:

    No Larry, I’m just a sucker for great design in two wheels and I’d love to make a large poster of that masterpiece and hang it on a wall in my office….Untill I have a real one in my garage..!

  33. Great Build Larry! If you want to send us some pictures we will feature this bike in our customer rides galllery. You can send the pictures to sales@tcbroschoppers.com

  34. blackwidow says:

    you got skill dude that thing is stoopid clean.I like that rear fender

  35. CruzBoos says:

    Yo Larry… you’ve got me dribbling because this babe is certainly a keeper and she fully deserves the chance to be in the procession of beautiful and elaborate machines presented by Ted. Hats off to you sir for pulling off a most excellent build.

  36. GUY says:


  37. Jay says:

    Great bike! I love that exhaust. I don’t suppose you would be interested in building another one of those for the right price?

  38. Fort says:

    I think it is quite nice, i really like the look of it especially with the black and orange.

  39. Larry Kitchens says:

    Were you looking to get some pipes built or the entire bike, Jay ?

  40. I like the orange and black better. Very good looking 650. Thank You. To all builders, try harder.

  41. Jay says:

    Just the pipes, exactly like the ones u got going on in the pics. How much would that run me?

  42. Jay says:

    Just the pipes. How much would that run me?

  43. Larry Kitchens says:

    Hey Jay, if you email me with how you want them, such as tubing size, wrapped or unwrapped, painted, stainless tips or no stainless, and the year of your xs, I will give you a price…. Ljkitch217@comcast.net

  44. dex82 says:

    umm, it’s not a competition, man. not all builders have equal access to tools, equipment and raw material, and not all builders have experience and backgrounds in trades or hobbies that can help them build a bike. nor are all tastes the same. larry has built a beautiful bike, and most of the other bikes featured on this site have their finer points, too. i don’t think anybody has to try harder……..i just think everybody should build what suits them.

  45. I have seen and worked on a few 650s that are completely unsafe to be on the road. One came to my shop for a new rear fender, the struts holding the back flat fender had cracks at the welds. Upon investigation the rigid add on section was built using electrical conduit tubing, very thin wall. I have seen what inept, unable, people can put together, some ending up in a very bad way due to not having the abilities or means. Yes, It shouldn’t be a competition, that would stop many stupid people from doing very dumb, unsafe things with bikes. I was complimenting Larry’s bike. “Try Harder.” I say that to myself, that is how I grew my skills and am only wishing that for others. Every new project has to challenge me or I would get bored.

  46. Thanks dex82 for prompting me to clarify. I see how my comment could be taken negative.

  47. dex82 says:

    cool, man. i get all OCD about things sometimes. drives my wife crazy, but that’s part of the fun.

  48. BlueEyes says:

    Out of a truck load of parts, that’s ALL you built?! Hahaha I’m bustin your chops-the build is good. 😉 Stunning work Mr. Kitchens.

  49. R-Flo707 says:

    One bad ass bike, truly a one of a kind. Wish I knew the builder so i could learn a few things. Cant wait to see the future builds!!!!!

  50. The DUDE says:

    Man oh man what a masterpiece, great work !!!!!!!

  51. Bob dhaenens says:

    This is really cool,the chop on the backbone did it!

  52. cristobal says:

    hello larry, what are the measures of the frame of the bike? you design?
    I hope you can help me because I am in a similar project thanks

  53. Michael says:

    I would like a set of those pipes do you have any for sale?

  54. ken says:

    Hey Larry nice build we got to see it at the one show when I say we I mean PCP fellas we had the XS650) that was just to your right the green one so we got to sit and stare for some time and very well executed hope to meet you at the next event or? Nice work.. Ken

  55. Larry says:

    Hey Ken, thanks… I remember your bike , very cool, do you have any other builds?. I hope I get the chance to meet you guys and talk some XS…

  56. Larry says:

    Soon Michael, I will have some for sale. I have just been swamped with other projects at the moment… I will send you a message when I have some pipes available…

  57. Nate says:

    Hey Larry just moved to portland myself saw your bike on here a while back and was wondering if your making them sexy ass pipes I’m interested in them for a build I’ve got goin

  58. Larry Kitchens says:

    Hey Nate… So right now im deep into a couple of projects, but on one of them I will be building the same exhaust. So if you can hang in there a little i will be fabbing up some systems soon, once I get un-burried in builds… Thanks for the interrest.

  59. Matt says:

    Sick build! I love this bike! Where particular rear fender blank did you get and what modifixcatins did you make on that?

  60. Matt says:

    Sick build! I love this bike! What particular rear fender blank did you get (where can I buy one?) and what modifications did you make on that?

  61. Larry Kitchens says:

    Thanks Matt… So the fender is a 6 inch wide blank, I purchased from KandG cycles. As far as mods to the fender, I shaped it to my liking and welded in some mounts to attach it to the frame, other then that, my painter Jim Skinner and pin striping guru Mitch Kim, made it look beautiful…