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PROBLEM CHILD & jenOcide builds



Michael- these are the first two customs by LOLYPHE CUSTOM CHOPPERS out of Breckenridge, Colorado. we’ve fab’d most of our own parts such as bars, gussets, fender struts, sissy bars, coil covers, and cut anything off the frame that wasn’t needed. Continue Reading →

Gene’s Springer rebuild



Eugene – This bike was published a while ago 2010/07/1975-xs650-old-school-rigid-frame but has undergone a completely new incarnation. The only thing not quite finished are the Gordon Scott drags…which are sitting on my bed waiting for me to come home from Afghanistan. I had the entire thing stripped down, and built from the ground up. Continue Reading →

BADGE – 1980 650 custom



John – Here are some updated photos of my bike. I’ve been working part time at SPECIAL EFFECTS MOTORCYCLE in Burlington. Canada. Everything on this bike has been custom built or modified. Started with two donor 650s, a aftermarket Harley frame, split gas tanks and a flat trailer fender. (not used) Springer is a DNA brand, heavily modified. Further fabrication include; handlebars 1 5/8 diameter with internal clutch and throttle. All sheet metal. Front fender designed to float with suspension. Seat  made with perforated steel with hidden suspension and secondary LED brake light. Continue Reading →

My “Big Daddy”



Sugiarto – This is my fourth project bike after Mbah Semar. My doughter sometimes help me to give some input and opinions for this bike. At home my doughter allways call me big daddy, so i named the bike”big Daddy”. Continue Reading →

Just another amature bobber build!



My name is Larry Kitchens, I’m a steel fabricator at Howser Steel Inc. in Portland OR. Being a fabricator and motorcycle enthusiast, Ive been repairing, fabricating/customizing parts for myself and friends as well as riding motorcycles most of my life. So I decided to build one of my own, searching Craig’s List I was able to obtain a truck load of 1980 XS650 parts for $500, and here is what I came up with… Continue Reading →

Counterbalance Cycles Brat Build


Weston – After building a few of these bikes, as most of you know, you seem to end up collecting a multitude of parts that end up laying around the garage.  This bike has a frame that was bought as a rusted out barn leaner… stripped down and shaved.  Then i used some of the other parts that I had laying around from other builds, and other 650s… Continue Reading →