Max Miille – XS650

Max – I saw an xs650 chopper at the skatepark and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I went home and found this website and started my addiction. Turns out my Dad gave an xs650 to his friend when I was born 20 years ago and was just sitting outside the past 10 years. Him being a good friend and because it was just sitting and rotting he gave me the bike last spring. The same time I got it my license had just gotten suspended so I went right into chopping and customizing it.

My Dad has a shop where he does fabrication and motorsport stuff so he gave me a space in his shop where I would go out and work on it.  My Dad  knows a lot about bikes, motors etc. so I had his help when I needed it but I wanted to do it on my own to learn as much as I could. Knowing I wasn’t gonna ride it till this summer I had a lot of time to build the bike of my dreams. I modified and customized the stock stuff how I wanted.

The only money I had was to get it running which cost a lot more than I thought. Took out some college savings for the omar kit and 19″ front wheel in the back, I’m glad I did because schools a joke and that rear wheel looks dope.

There was a bit of a clearance issue with the wheel and the battery box I made, which stopped me from riding it down for the Born Free 4 show. I couldn’t be more stoked on how it came out, and its so much fun to ride too!


  1. El Gaucho says:

    Great job on the rear wheel setup. A different tank and a hardtail would set that off nice. I like the exhaust too.

  2. dex82 says:

    looks good, man, clean and simple. not really into rear suspensions but to each their own and it’s good to see young guys (and girls) building something unique and personal instead of just buying the flavour of the month from a dealer. keep it up.

  3. pickles says:

    Did you use a deck for your seatpan? Looks smooth and simple.

  4. MAXMiiLLE says:

    Thanks, yeah I was going for simple low and simple but it was too smooth like that haha. The second pic you can kinda see the weld marks on the pan where I put staples on to upholster some foam and fabric but they didn’t hold up and broke off. I finished a fiberglass pan that fits the frame better and got some good leather and foam so I’m working on finishing that.

  5. pickles says:

    I always use my phone to check out this site, so that explains my missing the welding detail. A couple of friends have use old decks as seat pans on their chops and it worked out okay. A lil ruff, but okay. Again, great work!


    what did you use for a rear tire? was it a front tire or do they make a rear 19″ tire the same size as a front tire?

  7. MAX MiiLLE says:

    Their both Pirelli route front tire with 100 width

  8. CruzBoos says:

    She’s a great base to start off with and with every project money always plays apart in any build. If you decide to keep her around, I bet that things will slowly change and that she would be the belle of the ball or the home coming queen for you, if she isn’t already. Just make her happy and keep her purring.

  9. Ulysses says:

    I had this Omar kit too but sold them in order to avoid running front tires on the rear. You might burn through tires pretty fast but damn them MAGS look good. Kudos on not drilling speed holes on them!!! You might want to consider that monster craft brat kit or fab up your own… Great job on the build. Just how old (young) are you?

  10. MAXMiiLLE says:

    Thanks I appreciate it man. The 19″ mags is my favorite part and I thought about doing the brat thing but I really like the flat seat. I think it goes well with the straight bars and straight low stance of the bike. And I’m 20.

  11. Nix Hammer says:

    Wow! That bike is way cool! Love the flat seat and the 19″ backwheel! And those exhuast tips too! What kind of mufflers, are they, and where can i get them?? I would like to put something like that on my xs 400! Is it scooter muffler? Great bike man:)

  12. MAX MiiLLE says:

    Thanks! The exhausts are toomeys. They are meant for a 2 stroke Yamaha banshee. The diameter is small but I attached them to the stoke xs650 pipes which are double walled so I used the smaller inner tube and it fit perfectly. They sound great too!