Update to Bare Necessities

Joel mekolites – here is an update to the bare necessities bike. I painted it with black truck bed liner and candy gold over the bare metal.



  1. Shane says:

    liked the sanded primer

  2. Joel Mekolites says:

    i did too. but hard to sell it and make good money beeing all rusted. lol

  3. Deweychop says:

    I liked the old paint too but totally understand your point. Big fan of that Dunlop raised white letter tire. I had the same on an old Kawasaki ZL!000

  4. pickles says:

    Looks awesome!

  5. Pratstyle says:

    how does it stop with the single rear disc… my rear drum doesnt stop even if im standing on it !

  6. dex82 says:

    to be honest, really liked the before. i don’t mind this, but ………


    it stops good. you have to adjust the drum so soon as you barley touch the pedal it is on. i have had 3 with drum only. you do have to b on your toes. i liked it too butt i got a guy out of canda coming to pick it up tomorrow night gave me what i wanted. so on to the next one.

  8. El Gaucho says:

    Love it both ways. Too bad you couldn’t build 2 of them and have one each way!

  9. CruzBoos says:

    From a pauper to a princess. Either way I’d do her. Princess’ can be a bitch to maintain and love it when all the guys are watching while cute trailer trashers are easier to put a smile on my face. Waiting to see your next girlfriend.

  10. Joe McNinch says:

    looks good! CruzBoos, I’m stealing that. that is spot on!

  11. Julián Canon says:

    Why ..?

  12. owen says:

    where did you get the bottle on ths side to carry the extra gas ? love it 🙂

  13. kuhl says:

    What kind of frame is this?