Update on the Salt Flat influenced 650

The Bike is almost finished and ready to roll. Need to finish up some paint work on a couple chips and start the test ride to see if I have found all the bugs. 2011/11/a-little-salt-flat-influenced-in-progress


  1. Visimpact says:

    What a beautiful job. I love it.

  2. GUY says:


  3. turdherder says:

    I remember it too, great lines. I’d like to hear an audio of your exhaust when it’s running. Are those Harley foot boards?

  4. Schmeel says:

    That’s just fucting awesome

  5. pickles says:

    She looks like a beauty! Definitely get some more pics up and maybe video if you can. Killer build!

  6. Jeff says:

    NICE! … (and I don’t give out “nice” to easy)

  7. Uncle Bear says:

    Great looking bike! Didn’t know Invader was still doing wheels? Who did your tail section, I likey? Enjoy!

  8. DENNI$ says:

    yeh, def more pics and a vid. great lines, very nice profile!

  9. El Gaucho says:

    Never seen Invaders painted like that. Makes me want a set, lol. Too much $$$ for my blood though. Cool project.

  10. tucker says:

    That’s a beautiful bike, the salt flat look is killer and you nailed it.

  11. Greg says:


  12. Ted Hewitt says:


  13. Scrapyard says:

    Beautiful bike. Love all the detail work and finish. Coming along great.