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Old Soul Young Blood


Rick – This project started as a 1978 xs 650 found @ a thrift store on the side of the road for $400.00. She was immediately striped and cut in half as a Bobber Idea was our intentions from the get go. My bro and I started this project build on a budget as most builds due, then soon turned into a business out of no where. Since the start of this build we have completed several xs 650 in between this one. Continue Reading →



Mike from Visual Impact – Heres some of the info on the new bike. It is by far the funnest bike I have ridden in a while. I think a lot of that has to do with the Zombie performance bars Im running. It has 12 inch progressive shocks, a ballistic battery for when you feel to lazy to kick it, shinko rear tire, avon front, all the bearings and little bits were replaced with new and most of the hardware was powdercoated. Continue Reading →

So very very nearly done.


Archie- Hi, been a while since I’ve been on here. Some may remember I was throwing all my toys out the pram in the last update and lost motivation for the bike. Got the motivation back and thus happened! Still not running right – needs the jetting sorting and a hi flow fuel tap on as you can crank it right open and she screams off, but then uses all the fuel before it’s got anymore. Low down cruising speed it’s stuttering quite a bit so needs bigger jets on for a smooth power delivery. Continue Reading →